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New girl Angelina

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46 minutes ago, piedpiper1968 said:

0354 Power out again. I wonder if someone is using one of those portable heaters in a circuit not made to handle that many amps. Those heaters draw a lot of amps.

When I read a post like this it makes me cringe.  Of course they are using portable heaters and of course they have been told which circuits to use them in.  They are women and they will do what they feel is right no matter what anybody says.  Pied...........I thought you were smarter than that!!

Now,  this brings me to my point about B1.   Benfold says that it's all going to be better in B1 now and what happened tonight was just a fluke and it won't happen again.   This is where again I say....................bullshit,  it will keep happening in both apartments until RLC pulls their head out of their own asses and decides to fix something!!  The problem is, the price of taking the big boat out, and the price of alcohol, and the price of condoms, and the price of outfits for all the girlss that entertain the functions they throw on a bi-weekly basis has gone up!   I say it again and I repeat.....until you perverts say that enough is enough and quit paying,  this shit will continue to happen!!   Grow some fucking balls and willpower and make a change!!!!!!!!!!!!

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