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Barcelona Apt. #1 ~ Timeline

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TimeLine's Thread 

Please only post in this thread the time related to any activity in the appt. Do not post any comments / pictures / videos. There are specific threads for that. 

The purpose of the this thread is to help users of the replay function.

The following post will be a summary of the day's event (24h period) respecting this color code, and it will be updated through out the day  : 

- Green For daily events ( showers, girl awake, ...)

- Blue For girls going out / coming back

- Red For sexual / non-daily events ( you know what that means :biggrin: ) 


Please keep this thread CLEAN & any help is appreciate :) 

Thank you to: @Noldus - @happyone - @MrLurker - @nagachilli2 For helping me updating this timeline.


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Today's Timeline (03-03-17)-(04-03-17) 

19:25 Twins left
20:03 Twins & gina(b2) are home

00:42 All went out 

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