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    • 30 minutes ago, BBsq69 said:

      Back to the old days. I think this year's spectacular (OK well the locations were) summer of love ended a couple of months ago.

      Very drastic changes ..!

    • 22 minutes ago, Clyde69 said:

      I like the new girl and she sure likes the bath water spout :biggrin:

      So far she's 2 for 2. Two baths and two bates with the water spout. Must really hit the right spot because it sure gets her off quickly.

      New Girl Water Spout.jpg



    • 12 minutes ago, vortios said:

      I think she does not feel at all comfortable with the new situation in the house, and what they are letting pass from RLC, is my opinion.
      A girl passed her and that Lola did not have support. After he stays in charge of the house but pass companions as shit. Although occasionally try to hide. I do not think Belle is very encouraged to follow, and see that Belle has always been very proactive, more than Rebecca.
      Belle gets naked whenever needed, no problems to be put topless .. opposite Rebecca. And I think qeu Jasmine, is closer to the modus operandi of Rebekah Jasmine, so Belle, looks, lonelier still lie.

      I disagree I fear that atmosphere now is great and expect My Belle to regain her naked confidence. Sadly people can't post what Jasmin has been up to but I think if she saw that she would probably go back to showing all as she used to in B1. She was pretty close to naked today in the kitchen but had she seen Jasmin's epic nudity last night then maybe she would not have bothered with the panties.

      Belle is a follower. Yes she sarts the dancing and has her stories but if Lola or Polya or Anna or Stella were around she would defer to them as she kind of did to Becca the other night. When sex is on offer and she is interested then yes she is very proactive and when she is not interested it is clear - she did very well with the men at that party even after she snorted up more of a certain substance than Woody Allen sneezed off the table in "Annie Hall".

      Do not underestimate Becca who is stronger than you think but might not be able to handle someone as determined as Jasmin.