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  1. Not much Melissa study her phone as always and bored the pants of everyone
  2. The party to end all parties. Just turn the lights out hand back the keys and leave.
  3. So have they finally left the project as i don't see their names on the play list anymore
  4. No point having a archive of this apartment when there`s nothing to watch anyway. Just people sleeping rap up in towels. At leased Anabel fiddles naked
  5. Just this apartment and have done with it is that bad. RLC must be laughing all the way to the bank with competition like this.
  6. Antisocial ! Should read bone arse lazy and bloody boring club. As much as i like A&A i can't help feeling these two are really not worth there time.
  7. Looks like the new cleaner has arrived.
  8. Couldn’t agree more, there is a very thin line between antisocial and bone arse lazy
  9. Wouldn't disagree with you on the points you make 1 Lexy and Pete, really great people but haven't got the same net work of friends that Anna and Alex once had. 2 May me they don't live in the same city as the others. But you think Em & Sia would have some fun together once and a while or is Bob the jealous sort. Strange as that what got them together in the first place. 3 Perhaps Anna and Alex were waiting to see if there was any milage in apartment. You would think in all the apartments they have close down there would be some spare camera's hanging around
  10. Totally agree, mind you life seems fairly bland across all realms. Lots of talk of parties which forever reason never really take off. Never thought i say this but i think i am missing Candy who i found completely annoying but you never new if she was going fight or fuck.
  11. i think Misty was drunk and has mistaken the wardrobe for the toilet which is why Bree has suddenly left
  12. I am off to clean up the garden after my dog. Beats watching this pile crap.
  13. I get the feeling that these two are leaving us i hope i am wrong.
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