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  1. If this were to happen with Leora, and with Paul watching it go down, I would subscribe in a heartbeat😁!
  2. Liveshow: do not feel bad; I've been following N/K since the start and I initially thought they were. Thanks to Xanadu for the clarification.
  3. Have you all noticed Leora just loves the taste of cum? Every single time Paul comes in her mouth, she swallows, wipes her mouth, then smiles with a Cheshire cat grin.
  4. Goojr: Correct, it is Masha in the pic. She's the only one that has bent Sasha's eyes back into his head. Rod001 was talking about her being the best BJ in the business. The love relationship is between Sasha/Dasha.
  5. She's evolved from this style, for the better. Back then, she did not have a relationship with toys nor with her own ass, and did not know the pleasure she could receive from these.🙂
  6. And once again, Paul turns to caress the wrong female!
  7. N&B, back from Italian vacay at MS&D's place
  8. Maya has been sitting on Boy-Toy's face for some time.
  9. Dasha previously never looked as she does now. Check out her pictures at the original apartment she once shared with Demid, and you will see a fairly nice-looking lady. She's never been a raving beauty, but she certainly looked sexy enough. Granted, back then she already had the ass-ugly pistols and leg ink. She also did not have whatever it is she inked between her tits, which happened much later into her stay there. More importantly, she also had a few more kilos on her, and although she always seemed to maintain herself on the slim side, she was never as bony as she does now. I believe moving to Italy has done her good for her sanity and well being, as apparently the Demid relationship went south.
  10. About the only thing I like from this picture. This is one FULL meal! On the other hand, THIS is a gorge!
  11. This lady could be Leora's cousin. Very similar face structure!
  12. Order a magnifying one, bigger, better-imaging mirror..... Dick size will be greatly enhanced.
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