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  1. Smooth as a baby's bottom. Perfectly fantastic.
  2. Check bluewinner posts at the top of part 1, page 63.
  3. That 20 is just a warm up. CCers are able to write even more dribble than that. Try the 50 pages in the new Kira/Nina forum.
  4. Yes! So let's take that a step further. Create a roster of participants, both male and female, with a profile pic next to each name, of course. You could add information on each one as to their likes/dislikes, sexual preference or orientation, "equipment" size, performance issues if any, preferred position, location address of apartment, languages spoken, etc. Might as well also add their legal names and real home address, education and highest level achieved, telephone, mom's name, emergency contact information, blood type, religious preference and political affiliations. Kind of a Wikipedia library of participants. Or not, and keep the privacy/anonymity the way it is...LOL.
  5. IDK if this has come up in all the previous pages of posts, but just in case, N&K are a married couple. If I remember correctly, they were married shortly after joining RLC. I do not think that amounts to much of a toxic relationship when it appears both are in it for the long run, regardless of how we view them to be.
  6. Has there been any action by this blonde girl other than cam holding? She's got a nice bod.
  7. I wish we could have The BANHAMMER as a tool to whack down cam coverers! One WHAMMMM!!!, and gone!
  8. This was Lora doing Daniel. Taking off your black panties, donning on someone's else's yellow bra just to get on top of your man does not make any logical sense. Check the phones. Domi's is red, Lora's is pink, and it is laying on the sofa while she's on top of Daniel. Domi's red phone is nowhere while that action is going on. Lora's legs are a little fuller than Domi's. A person can be on top of someone and be in the bathroom a few seconds later, or the cam clocks can be off synchronization.
  9. Hola, Nicole: Tienes un cuerpo espectacular. Gracias por compartir sus vidas de la manera que lo hacen. To all the CC viewers, something N&K wrote back in December 2018, still holds very true today. It also applies to ALL other realms as well. We are free to watch and free to turn away if what we see does not agree with our own views. "Why are we in VH? We have our reasons. We can like you or not ... We will never like everyone! There are many opinions (review is free) and everyone wants to have their reason. It's life, real. We're interested in the time we spend here spending the best time possible, having a real life, better or worse, but real. At the end of our house you find something different. To those who want to leave, thanks and luck, and those who want to stay, thank you and enjoy with us. "
  10. I would love to see her fully naked, not shown her top other than with a bra on.
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