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  1. Misty Part #3

    Misty brought Xbox and NEW MISTER PINK. And without wires.
  2. You can always look Sid at the computer. In this mode, this is a 100% real life. In competition Swingers - Webcam models team - Ordinary loving couple. A loving couple will have very low views and money. Who does orgies, parties, invites guests (and it does not work anymore - if there is no debauchery at now) - gets better statistics and salary. Also there is a factor active beginner - for example Darcie now. She earns like others on good orgies. But this is only first few weeks.
  3. 1) They are managers. They are important to pay the rent and the cameras. They view project as additional money. 2) I do not know - they are quite good earning. This is one of houses - which I can not understand. 3) Who is it? Lisa's house? They are quite successful.
  4. No. Obviously they earned a little. I personally thought - the first to leave Carrie and David. But they able to organize orgies and survived.
  5. Dean & Candy

    Is not a fact. They quarrel regularly and she leaves. And outside cams. After some time - they are together again. Problem is Candy. Any participant in this project or RLC - would used force (many participants - would act tougher). And as far as I heard - even on the old apartment of Alex and Anna, this is quite a routine quarrel. They can into more-more violent quarrels. Again - in the situation with Rock, the problem was Rock (although Anastasia is not a very good person). This is Candy's problem. Put another man - the drama still be. She is unstable. My opinion is a bad couple for project. As guests are possible (and then recently, Candy regularly arranged scandals even on a visits).
  6. I'm not sure. 100% action (orgy) will be in Carrie&David (already begins). Perhaps Mira and Henry will be able bring Darcie to the first real orgy. But not sure. 50/50. Anastasia and Nyusha are waiting for the guest. But maybe it will be another alcohol night. Bree&Drew - probability of good action is minimal. Other apartments - in rest mode.
  7. Em & Sid

    It's simple. Or good earnings for Em - but without Sid. Or relationship with Sid - but they not survive in the project. There are their fans, there are fans to watch real life (outside of orgies, in the current mode this is 100% of reality). But such fan-subscribers are not enough. It is necessary that other participants also be lazy and watch TV/laptop all the time. Other participants do a lot (guests, parties, regular hot sex, orgies, etc.)
  8. Betty & Rick

    Betty left for short time. This guy will be here. Maybe there will be something interesting. Or nothing.
  9. David & Carrie

    Hot guest couple visited.
  10. Darcie & Stifler

    Ella is really beautiful, with a good figure. But she's is Ice Queen. Character. Behavior. Sex. That is, Darcie is hotter even with this guy than Ella in an epic feb27 orgy with 8 people. Darcie makes a good claim for VH star status. But in the future she should progress. Just very emotional fucking, sexy lingerie - will not be enough for better statistics after few weeks or month.
  11. Misty Part #3

    She is angry because her boyfriend is getting drunk, although he can not (they go to the hospital tomorrow - about kidneys. Like Lena`s illness in summer camp). And because the guests came very drunk. She does not want problems with neighbors. Well for her there obviously is not a fan and no money. For pleasures, guests should not been so drunk (they are dead). For money - there should be a party like Ella&Isaac or Mira&Henry for example. Well, competition will force her. Ella&Isaac have a good light - with energy and emotions there is bad, but with light is good. Perhaps we will soon see orgy with Darcie - at least they are discussing it. She fucks at the Misty-level and all others aspects also is good.
  12. Darcie & Stifler

    But it's better - than cold, unemotional sex at Ella&Isaac for example. As I understand - she is not very experienced (like Em +/- level, not Mira&Misty level). And periodically, Darcie feels pussy-pain. But even now - it's practically porn level.
  13. Darcie & Stifler

    Darcie again in action.
  14. Misty Part #3

    As far as I see experimentally. The script simply typed 6 apartments to certain period of time - they 6 only show. For example, Darcy now - when there is no one. And even if in another apartment, an orgy, big crazy party, debauchery - this will not show to new set of 6 apartments according to the script. Today there will be a party at Misty's. I hope without scandals and drama like that in Candy and Dean apt now.