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  1. Well, look at what interesting apartments VH has opened. There was no love and passion. There was nothing there. 100% fail. And they don't even have recruiting people. This is completely delegated to managers. Therefore, managers can open Turbo apartment. Or an empty apartment. Or webcams. Or take passport and force it to do 100$/day. Unfortunately, the latter does not happen. Therefore, tenants lie on sofas 24/7.
  2. How many apartments are on this list? Objectively, not at level, sleep for all month, and then make one lame party. But really interesting apartments now? I personally bet only on 1 apartment - new one from FirstModels. Where is this young porn actress who loves to fuck in real life. When she comes back, they will open an apartment with black boy and guy who fucks her. About Mira and Henry, I repeat, everyone who could be invited with cameras in this city already been invited. If VH interested in good content, he would found another swinger couple in big city. In fact, now only Mira and Henry are active - Scott is rather single guy with love interests, Otto and Lola - were swingers 2 years ago or when their last apartment was closed there. For example - ordinary people from Moscow from one swinger site, where you don't even have to pay.
  3. The worst apartments in all times in project are they our own. Anthony and Gia, sleeping couple from Portugal, 0 Interest Webcams. Managers are needed in VHTV model. The project will not survive even 2 months without them. It's like network marketing if stay only company and end sellers without incentives to build pyramid.
  4. I don't know what about last quarrel. Previous one. Goldie wanted to go to Turbo's apartment with friends - Stiffler demanded that she stay at home. With level threats - if you leave, you will find bags in corridor. Another quarrel was on topic - Goldie wanted to go to Scott's party, Stifler wanted watching TV. There also threats level - if you leave, you don't return. I'll bring your things to Scott and you live in that hellhole. Stifler wants Goldie to stay at home 24/7 or go with him (he doesn't like parties). Goldie likes parties and she doesn't like golden prison.
  5. Lol, she have more apartments. She in project for two years. And fucked a many guys + brought a lot of guests. And she fucks good&hot&active, unlike many girls on this VH who sleep or imitate in process. And yes she is cyclical. Now Diana have active and good months (as far as I understood from communication in Scott) and we are losing them. When she is opened, she will probably have bad months or a closed relationship. By the way, if anyone has interesting who is Karen (or who lives with Barbie?) сестра - sister. Once again, I don't think Diana/Katrin is good or epic participant. But between next Turbo and Diana also in bright active months with different guys and light mood - my choice is obvious.
  6. Mira goes to training (dancing or something). She may be in bad mood or have real headache. Moreover, unlike other girls - who use this as universal excuse. Mira have medical confirmation document. I haven't heard of any quarrels lately. On contrary, they communicate quite warmly.
  7. As long as you pay for it, there won't be any improvements. If Nokia can sell its push-button Symbian phones for $1000 today, would sell them. VH can and does sell now. There are only 2 ways to solve the problem. 1) Strong competitor. Apple, Android and now Nokia, which has not kept pace with innovations with 35+% of market, have less than 1%. And makes huge efforts in development for all (already small) money. 2) Holidays. Just don't subscribe for next 1-2 months. If significant number of subscribers do this, company will need to change. Bonus - all loafers will go away. Because lying on the couch won't be enough to pay the rent. And managers will suffer serious monetary losses. For example, Stifler most likely even made money on Turbo. If he returns +1 month deposit for apartment, Stif will earn ~$100 or more. No nerves and risks. Even such disastrous apartment is profitable for manager now. This is answer to why level has dropped so much (and manic desire VH to fine maximum level for each bunch). Only subscribers who unsubscribe or strong competitor can change this for better.
  8. But Diana does more content than Turbo and Teletubbies combined. And I wrote, timing is important. New Sergio or Sergio in early years? Alisa in first year or Alisa with toxic BF? Diana just cyclical. Now she has 1-2 good months, which we are missing. When she is opened (in the fall), probably fall in love again and be boring and toxic apartment without much interest (but still more than Turbo and Teletubbies combined).
  9. 0%. For Minnie normal that situation. She living with BF for two years or more. In Russia there is national proverb "Beats means Love" - so she is committed to this. And Minnie is not interested in the project at all. Melissa there is no new information. However, all those useless guests in last apartment with Sergio (Luba and other loafers) are her friends. Therefore, the apartment will not be good. I'd rather bet on Alisa (if she's without boyfriend) and Diana. Here's the fact that it Diana not opened, it's just crime against subscribers. She is cyclical. Now she enjoys life, guys, sex and lives for herself. That is, on the bright side and does everything that made her Name and most of the comments. This period lasts 1-2 months. Then she wants love, looking only potencial boyfriends. Then closed relationships, depression, quarrels, end of relationship - apathy, disappearance from apartment for 2-3 days, closing apartment. As a result, she will be opened just for period when Diana have closed relationship after 3-5 week, with quarrels, depression and all this🤔. And this is 100% the fault of Management and VH. Who can't deal with quotas. They have 3 people who opening apartments in this city. One broke for ~3 months. Who will be to blame? Subscribers!
  10. The question is in size. For turning off - $100 (but there is risk of banned or serious problems with regular shutdowns). For fight - 500$. However, given that Sergio lost influence of the admins, as well as screenshots in topic and VH desire to take maximum fines from each situation, do not exclude 100+500 🤑. I've never been on Sergio's side. He's just as bad person as Scott. Just little smarter and all shock content goes outside cameras. But this is an example why VHTV was filled loafers and managers open apartments of level +7 or Turbo. When you are lying on couch 24/7 - YOU WILL NOT HAVE FINE. And when 30 apartments lie on the sofas, everyone gets their 50-60 dollars and is happy. I heard (lol not Sergio apt) that he has money problems. Cats ruined expensive sofa in previous apartment and Sergio buy new one to landlord. And he needs to return loan quickly. So he planned to do some SAFE/FAKE parties. And first - with former participants (Aaron signed contract for sure) ended in failure.🙄 I repeat, there are a lot of people in Russia who for 30-40 thousand rubles week will do fire-top content, orgies and all that. But this is not profitable. VH will close apartment in week or two for fines and violations. Therefore, in future, only safe apartments will open with people lying on sofas or webcam/porno.
  11. Well, now the archive is generally the only selling function of VHTV. 1) Participants are worst ever. In reality, 4-6 apartments have at least some activity. Other professional loafers or ultra-boring Hugo/Sina level routine. 2) Technical part. Significantly worse than in RLC. Cheapest Hikvision cameras, which turn picture into a mess of pixels, with poor lighting. Spygasm cams compared to VHTV, these are aliens from Niburu🤪 or +4000 years. 3) Site updates. Lol. For whole year they making donate button🤑. The next feature will be in 2050😆. Therefore, if you delete archive, then what is point of subscribing to VHTV now? When there were hottest parties, orgy battles and participants have 1-2k posts per month, pirated much more often. And VK too. For example, I just looked and did not see any new videos in VK (this is the most sensitive part for the participants). However, deleting archives would be good experience and perhaps only way to get any improvement. It will definitely cause a significant drop in subscriptions. Management will have to get out of comfort zone and do something or go to VV and other dead/zombie projects. For example, solve items 1-3, which I wrote above.😉 Perhaps this is only real opportunity to have cameras level 2021 year and it is possible to kick out 20-25 professional loafers who will just no longer have enough money for Rolton and rent apartment.
  12. Well, this decision is not very good. Some kind of epic party, something really interesting will be lost. And people change. I wrote about this in topic about Sergio. Alisa in first months = is the top apt, and then boredom with BF&drama. With this decision, all best with Alisa will be lost. And before pirate stole materials no less than now. There really is problem when guest or participant have troubles from such publicity. But even video from RLC, despite DMCA, hidden stamps and ticket system are stolen regularly. Again, the question of subscribers. Many people also choose because there are archives. Even on forum, I saw opinions on level "okay - everyone in apartments does nothing, but I can find excellent material in Archives and be happy." If the archives go away, then many just stop subscribing. Especially considering ~30 - apartments of absolute loafers. Or VH need to make separate subscription, for example, to you and Scott.
  13. Sandra hasn't stopped living there. Right now they arguing about food and other little things. I assure you that most of other situations sometimes here by 5-7 pages guesswork and incredible theories are similar. Boring and routine. If they are in English, you will open for 2-5 minutes and turn off the apartment. If you don't understand, magic is happening and you are looking for hints for an hour or more - bringing profit to participants. Also, a lot hurts people living in world of pink ponies (significant part of VH audience). For example, you will learn what Ken says on usually level "Fuck your mother, fuck this fucking awesome game🤪". Scott's apartment will be closed for violations every 30 minutes, there is constant shock of content in conversations. Why VH not have English apartments? No managers there. They will open another apartment like in USA and what's next? Lose many thousands of dollars with 0 efficiency. VH apartments are confirmed to be worst of all open apartments. And they learned this lesson.
  14. Well, time is important. As long as Diana is free and frivolously, they lose time. I repeat, if Stifler opened M&S one month later, we never seen D&D, Isa and all whole group. If Misty or Alisa opened with her boyfriends, she would be an ordinary apartment from archives after 3 months. Diana is now on he bright side of her life. After 2 months she can be boring and it’s just waste apartment. And Stifler have enough time and energy to open his girlfriend's friends, who do not have any qualities for their apartment at all.
  15. They have 2 more people in this city who have experience in opening apartments, mount equipment, etc. Scott out of game for 2.5-3 months if without surgery. So I can say that Diana will not be opened at all (by fall she may fall in love, move, go to university, etc.).
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