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  1. Strange decision. For a VH audience, this is a 100% boring house, please close. However, this is chance to accumulate RLC public. But how popular they in RLC? Leora - RLC give new apt in EU for example. Masha’s friends too. It looks like saving losers (just like and with SpyGasm - where all the promising people already in big porn, some even in the USA).
  2. How would you do? You can go to deliver pizza and after 2 hours - have $10-15 Or wait for prime-time and have $50 for the same 2 hours. However, which apartments? As far as I know, for example, Grace is still good in competition. And there is another point - if no one is looking apartment, then it does not provide an outflow money from other participants. The most dangerous apartments with good fake intrigue. Which have mid-viewing level - did nothing, just on an intrigue, but today it will definitely be interesting. I do not remember any successful apartment - which opened VH-directly. Maybe Mary, but this is the first wave. Everyone else is a failure. If VH follows your advice - bankruptcy in 2020 guaranteed. It can blame any legendary participant. Anna, Misty. This rule - if you see someone have a courage party, relax in this evening. Ella and Isaac are among few who knew how to make big parties, but this is their professional skill. But they not return (although winter is everything possible) - because, they love traveling and financially uninterested in VH level. Bonnie - left. Lola&Otto - gone, but they burned out and there was more drama in recent months than pleasure. In general, work in the VH is not as simple as it seems. She is a dream job only first 1-2 months. Further work at McDonald's, Pizza Delivery or loader in the market, no longer seems so bad. Now there are active swingers - Mira and Henry, and they are still trying to do what they like, and not adjust to the profit. Courtney - but she's flickering, many days/weeks 100% boredom, then 1-2 days a party, and again many days/weeks boredom. Sina&Jules - they are swingers, Sina still have unique achivement - 3-dicks at same time. Ruta&Christian - hardBDSM swingers. Leeloo&Corben - not party makers, but swingers. Felicia&Felix - swingers who go to a swing club, where they met with Mira and Henry. So there are enough swingers in VH now. Another question is how much attention do they attract?
  3. A little bit wrong. 1) For Russia - $1000+ per month for couple of good money. 2) They live in expensive city and are used to spending a lot of money (only delivery food, expensive alcohol, etc.). For them, VH earnings are pocket expenses. 3) They have the ability to earn more money with less effort. I don’t know, but they obviously don’t participate in competition. Isa&Bart is participating now. Leonie. Grace. D&D - do not participate, only light support.
  4. Passive income for pizza/sushi/food delivery. They initially wanted to focus on VH. And did parties for VH. Then they calculated income and decided that CB takes less effort and brings much more money. They do not even participate in competition - for example. Although it’s possible to make good money there (1000 ++, with strong ++, progressive scale of prizes, if there is a good gap, then $2000+). Well, all people are different. Not all porn stars have a popular CB channel.
  5. Wow. This is routine. Tomorrow and Monday they will again do regular CB show together. It is more interesting what will happen next. They are not interested in VH (only passive income for pizza/sushi/food delivery), now. If VH are given fine (in all last week or more) - they can just leave. And to tell among potential participants in promising direction - that VH is bad.
  6. Like Misty when she started looking for love. And it ends like Misty&Kyle in VH. Only moment of inertia is shorter for Courtney.
  7. Well, what is Sofi (LP pornostar) progression for example? The first two weeks they made crazy parties for only VH. They upset by financial result and returned to only webcam show. Where they earn more. And now, they even turn off and close VH cameras in CB show - to buy CB tickets, and not subscription to VH. I repeat - what house do you consider top now? And yet, you ask Clarice. But it will be even more boring. I will bet in 10-12 days - all C&S topic filled with posts "Boring", "Please close apartment".
  8. Well, this apartment is famous. Many interesting things happened here. And Polly&Ray&Girls first six months very popular. The apartment is not super, but allows to show the best merits. +/-. Valerie have a nice apartment. First Elise apt - also not bad. About girls - Conor&Colin have nice, young girls. But here it depends more on scouts. For example M&H - opened apartments in category 30+. They just communicate in this category people.
  9. Well, who is at top now? Sofi? They not been doing anything for VH lately. Only CB shows, show preparation, recruitment new models/actresses porn. Exclusive parties for VH (like in the first 2 weeks) - failed earn money, so now only CB shows. MS after 3-some - they took pause. D&D - not participate in new competition, so easy mode. Alice (D&S) - good, but not stable. She is not Misty and cannot seek daily adventure. Courtney - one of candidates free apartment for Lisa (boring period with last Bf, turned into boring period with ex-husband). Ruta - well, she is run for prize of the competition, but to madness and 24-h orgies as in final of the last competition is still far away. Everything is quiet. I don’t think that P&H have very bad views now. But with every new week it will be worse, that's true.
  10. We want to make bankrupt M&H. (Pretty please ☺️) So it’s more correct. In fact, you will lose interest to Lana&Lenny in two week. They are not in "Wow category. Shut up and take my money". This can be seen even in topic. Let them prove themselves as guests first.
  11. Well, everything is complicated there. Barney is also not ideal. In general, this or will be normal for them (many families live 30-40 years - scandal every week and fighting every month). Or they end relationship soon. If I were Domi&Daniel, I would insist on it. Question is what to do with the apartment and who will leave. I don’t think that Leonie can be like Misty, actively inviting boys. Barney +/- as in the period when he was alone. Also not good.
  12. Well, before they had time to leave the apartment. And make Mortal Kombat is outside. Probably serious reason - since they began to make shock content for $500.
  13. Well, I do not bet high hopes on them. But it is unlikely that they will be a failure. Rather +/- average lev. Perhaps they have bonus (no apt rent). Well, the first 3D printer in the project. High tech (). Let's see what they do.
  14. Poor Grant - will be forced to work () hard on computer until 25 Aug. [Special] Operation H.E.A.T. - News - War Thunder WARTHUNDER.COM How is the water, warriors? It is very important because, this summer, we will meet our comrades-in-arms - the commanders of naval vessels who will join our tankers and pilots in the big summer event. Operation H.E.A.T. begins!
  15. Well, this level = lost time and hopes for Misty. By the way, Lisa even made VH-art. And her sport did not add to Top-6. Perhaps she need look at Isa (who is also sport-time now in Top) and Domi?
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