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  1. groomy

    Juliet & Pablo

    No: I wrote - that without Zack place is boring. Even new girls/guys who come are not doing anything, not even in the format of sex. Their overall activity is talking, drinking, sofa with PS4. Objectively - the more such parties will be in this house - the less their effectiveness. Subscribers at 2-3-4 will understand - it's boring, and if there is start some activity, then it's enough to look at the advertisement and open apartment then.
  2. groomy

    Chris & Dana

    There is such dark joke: If you and a friend were attacked by a hungry tiger - you do not need to run faster than the Tiger to survive, the main thing - to be faster than your friend... They are really hot, active, creative. But at the same time with Dana&Chris sex - Jane (not a participant) have hot fuck with new guy. Kira again arranged girls orgy.
  3. groomy

    Juliet & Pablo

    Yes. New participants for sure (in Misty's apt) - will be similar. Since they did not do anything interesting in 3-4 visits to this apartment. In fact. Ruby - I do not know how she keeps subscribers interest. Probably on the background mystery-unclear atmosphere-drama. Like Em before. Now Em is happy with the new guy - and judging by her topic, interest is low. This apartment. Completely successful party - only Jul29. +/- good - party with red-haired girl. They did not do anything, but they were quite active. Parties as now - when there is no any action at all (playing in PS4, drinking, smoking/talking at the window) will not be interesting to subscribers, even with new people. After spending 2-3-4 parties. Further only watch in time line. Next - label of "Boring empty parties" and choice other apartments. New participants (Misty apt). For all visits to this apartment - they did not show anything interesting. In addition to playing table tennis. Perhaps they will be interesting in their apartment. I dont know. But for now - I predict as another house with boring parties and participants. From all I've seen. Zack - can actually be a top-end participant. With Selma&other girls and even some this friends/Blondie guy. But as a manager - his dick strength is not enough for 2 apartments. And I do not see yet - how these participants will attract the subscribers attention, without Zack&Selma&other girls.
  4. She have some problems with eyesight.
  5. groomy

    Jesse & Blaine

    Sad. But of the three new apartments - this is the most positive and active. And Jesse&Blaine gets minimum posts and attention.
  6. groomy

    Juliet & Pablo

    Time to wake up. But there are too many unnecessary people now. Therefore, the current session is so-so.
  7. groomy


    Roberta loves sex in new places. Maybe should camera on the TV little down?
  8. groomy

    Lexy & Pete Part #3

    No plan. Initially, Misty&Kyle came to give documents + to look at the apartment (they were not yet in this apartment). Then - spontaneously. You can qualify as party "last night" Misty&Kyle in VH. About old A&A team - now only Mira&Henry, Anastasia and Lexy&Pete. But this is logical. Anna is no longer active in this city (4 group participants originally guests on swing topic - Mira&Henry, Misty, Candy&Dean, Bree&Drew). Therefore scouting is difficult. And in general - only few old participants now (2017). Nina&Alan - I respect them, they have more than a year in project. Without moving to new apartment. Without holidays (offline apartment). And they are interesting, creative, do something new. Clara&Stas - I do not watch them, but they create an army of fans. Their unique strategy is working. Of the old participants - they do minimum and have good statistics. Mira&Henry - they are interesting, charismatic and hot. Anastasia - I do not know what to write about it. But her participation like Zebra skin, strip is black. strip of white, and once all strips will end - game over... Maybe soon. Viki/Em/Mary - too, but they took long holidays and reloaded apartments.
  9. groomy

    Misty & Kyle

    And the final - Good Bye🤗. Big Bear as talisman for next Tenants? Will see soon (maybe tomorrow).
  10. groomy


  11. groomy


    The birthday girl get her gift now.
  12. groomy


    Valery&Polly. Two other girls. The only thing. Problem Valery is that there is less energy, too many skills. She reminds me of Linda&Carrie. In this aspect, it's more interesting to be like Misty. She have a lot of energy and nature debauchery at any party.