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  1. They talk about health problems. I don’t know how girls named here (VHTV). The girl who is closer (black hair) - wants to diagnostics in different clinics free gov/some medical research in private (this is cheaper). The girl with bright hair insistently asks to go to one, good clinic, all diagnostics reliably and without queues. But it costs money. Which girl with black hair wants to save. Judging by amounts (they discuss about money level 3-4 days Domi’s work as English teacher), they are not doing well with money, in general.
  2. Just a note. Planned party. Something similar what Alex and Lina with photographer and all their segment. But perhaps a hard afterparty.
  3. St. Petersburg era is over. Now there are no apartments from this glorious city. Only Mira&Henry have good comeback and still in VHTV.
  4. I doubt it. Contracts are usually limited to exclusive. For example - she have contract limit 1 year anal only for Lansky (no other studios). This apartment in Hungary. And many actresses who come to the shooting stop here. As for the cameras - is this usually like in past Stefan’s mansion was better? Or in other big apartments. Even in Mira&Henry past apartment. As far as I understand, they need a big mansion. VH is more secondary income - simply because they have content, home porno, pro porno, just fuck - that can be monetized.
  5. 7-14 days - norm. There are a lot of bureaucracy. Approval of apartment. Approval of angles. And there will be rather big apartment, as I understand it. So ~10 days after rent contract.
  6. About this - it's normal. Within week they will enter online.😉
  7. Well, these segments do not communicate. Therefore, there will be no class in drawing (well, rather, it will be practice Leonie and Clarice, who wants to learn good&academic draw). About Alisa - now with stable BF.
  8. Sara Wilson - Chat with Saraawilson in a Live Adult Video Chat Room Now http://cams.camcaps.net/ ♥ lets play with my body ♠ NAKED ♥ #latina #teen #hair #ass //PROMO WSS 555 // #lovense #cum #naked #squirt #oil #dance #new [551 tokens remaining] I don’t know other. Or she does not use Latina tag. If for Sofi - VHTV is a byproduct. And CB - brings more money + pro porno. Here, they definitely need to concentrate on VHTV. Solo Latin - a lot. Are much prettier than them. They not earn anything serious in CB with this strategy. It is obvious. So It’s logical to concentrate only on shows for VHTV. Or change the strategy in CB.
  9. Just noting. It’s a pity that these two segments (Darcie&Stif/Mellisa&Sergio) don't get along. See good painting. With Leonie (professionally studying at the university) + Alisa + Darcie - they could create good art club🎨. Clarice have seriously more amateurish level of drawing.
  10. This is not Julmodels house. Different models are likely. Judging by "bitch baza" broadcasts, they live in this house for more than month (since beginning of September, or maybe earlier). Well, there were many different actions. I wrote about the potential. Again Domi - good and smart girl. She makes money at another job now. Which does not depend on age and sexual activity. And she won’t do sex with other guys, no matter how many hundreds of pages with anger and demands were written. Or Misty - obviously, she will not do 10% of the activity from the first apartment. Or Ruta orgies - they have little attention, mainly due to not very attractive guests in the 35+ category and specific fun. Here will participate - girls at Domi/Leonie/Grace level, with open minds about sex&orgies. At least - this is potentially good and something new. Well, what other choice is there? Apts with tenants - doing nothing 5-6 days? Sarah&Annie/Pamela&Joseph/Anna/Dorian&Wagner, Sura/Sofi - with all activity only for webcam show? Or Sicilia&Pablo - which are competitors in quality cam setup, but they just do nothing and love darkness even more than any other tenants in VHTV. I would also prefer real swingers with good bodies, only with regular activity (not M&H/F&F - level 1-2 in month). Or just party people. But choosing between the last VHTV houses and this, I have much more expectations about this house.
  11. Stella&Stephan are managers. Jeka/Anna&Alex/Lina&Alex/George and maybe Mira&Henry - lead managers.
  12. Here is DevilsKos and many awarded pornstars. The only question is they will use it? Or it will be routine, webcam, routine - like in Sofi apt now. And yes, DevilsKos have more popular and famous pornstars than Sofi. And and he knows Sofi closely.
  13. Well, they will probably be more interesting than Sofi Smile. Less webcam and more actions with different girls/boys. Mira&Henry - natural and nice people👍. But they do good content once a month. This is not worth subscription to all site. Even knowing Russian is not interesting. I not see any reason to subscribe now. Even taking into account 1-2 days some activity. This house (unless of course if they ruin everything with same type shows, webcam only or doing nothing) - can attract subscribers (potentially).
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