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  1. Em, Nyusha

    Well, given the new apartments - they can not survive with such activity.
  2. Misty - Part #2

    Or maybe take a day off from alcohol and parties. To the paramedics from Anastasia would not go to Misty.
  3. Mira & Henry

    Relaxation after English lesson.
  4. Mira & Henry

    Hmm... English teacher arrived.
  5. Ella & Isaac

    Yes. She does not swallow and does not like cum in her mouth. But about anal she is more positive.
  6. Ella & Isaac

    This party is over, next soon. This is not a one-off action - like Em and Sid. It will be regular. Most likely as Anna in an old apartment 2 parties week. Or even more often. They will also have other activities. Just guests. Photoshoot, etc.
  7. Mira & Henry

    After Anna&Alex leaving and Bree&Drew stopping swing-life. Actually active swingers on the project: - Mira&Henry. - Betty&Rick. - Ella&Isaac - which have already shown high level. Others active participants - Misty, Serena, Nyusha - rather sex maniacs. Perhaps in the future Nina and Alan open swing-life - they are already making attempts.
  8. Ella & Isaac

    They arrange different. Depends on the partners. BDSM, anal, DP and etc. But this is if the guests want BDSM, anal, DP. They participate in creating a party, maintaining the atmosphere, dressing BDSM suits. But hardcore fuck/BDSM and other do it guests. Objectively for money and stability good shows (since they made first orgy at time that I said earlier - that means the other plans and conversations are correct) - they are Misty's first real competitor. Earlier, say Serena with girl and Alan with new girl earned much more than Misty for the day. But they did it once a few week. An epic day can be shown by any couple. Be consistently good and interesting - unique participants. Ella & Isaac have every chance of becoming - epic.
  9. Misty - Part #2

    Misty go to hunt. And successfully #42. But in the house main competitors...
  10. Ella & Isaac

    Where? Rather Anna and Alex in old good days. But yes. This is Misty's first real competitor for 6 months. No. They do not need VH. They have money. It's just a fun adventure. And this is only first orgy made in Ella & Isaac on the cams. Soon there will be new guests, new orgies. Those first with 2 girls will also come. About the exchange. For Ella & Isaac it is acceptable, but not with everyone. I was little mistaken. They have at parties a full hardcore. Ella & Isaac are softer. But - do everything, bi, bj with exchange.
  11. Misty - Part #2

    #41 arrived But only communication. Today, in plan Misty - cleaning day.
  12. Misty - Part #2

    No. But it's okay - girl like specific type of men. And Misty guys are very good, in terms of body, stamina and quality of fuck. Well, finally. After 6 months - Misty got a real competitor. Ella has already made threesome and this is just the beginning. But Ella does not like swallowing.
  13. Em, Nyusha

    Betty&Rick have 1 couple (30y.o+) and few men. Mira and Henry prefer 30- and couples with beautiful girls.
  14. Em, Nyusha

    Yes. Well, they are not every day and not every week will do orgies. But several times month they will do (or try) something. Not even for the project, but for diversity life. They still have a problem in the city. There are quite few swingers and even less - who agree to do this on camera.
  15. Em, Nyusha

    Two machines (Misty now in love with #40 and Nyu with - #8) broken at the same time. Serena prefer blondy guy and stop active search. Mira&Henry and Betty&Rick - still do orgy and new people. Stella&Stephan - so-so, but they invite open friends. Ella&Isaac - let's wait for their first orgy, which may happen tomorrow.