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  1. They will be on vacation for month more. Back in mid Aug. PH. VH have the worst recruitment ever. Even in start Anna&Alex + Vlad&Sveta (or another good participants who were repeatedly asked to return in first year) - better than all 30 apartaments now.
  2. Perhaps that group (Ekb) have problems. At least this guy says that he and Sofia go full legal work, they don’t need these nerves&risks even for good money. They will probably leave when rent is over. Perhaps Ragnar and Mia will move here. Or open this apt.
  3. Lol - in VK public "BITCH BAZA" (big group about russian&ukr&bel&kaz etc pornstars) admins made a post about her. She is not only solo/erotic model + PH, but also made few production (pro) video in genre (young girl - old guy) for oldgoesyoung.com. No, in porn she is very boring and shows that she is just wait salary. But still - to make nun image, action under covers here, fucking fake. 😒
  4. Now 3 apartments are actively participating in competition for a good prize (few thousand dollars) - Mia&Ragnar, Sabrina&Scott. Bradley&Jennifer. 90% content comes from these apartments. Others are dead or close to this (M&H guests want to some money while they have a chance, etc.).
  5. Why? That is, Stifler will be more interesting than them? Or Mulan? Or other 20-25 apartments who do less than they + less beautiful?
  6. Real Life Voyeur Cameras at Julmodels House JULMODELS.VOYEUR-HOUSE.TV They have updated sub-site. It’s easy to see who is this girl.
  7. They would be in Top 5 most popular and active apartments today.📺 But not because they were underestimated, but because today XGSW need compared with Sleepler, Mulan, VikiKate and other epic loafers. Ju-Ju XGSW
  8. V&M - these are just false hopes, they (unlike other apartments their group) do not even try to support hype, subscribers now come up with dreams and believe in them. Marry - this is serious? Mankind cannot be not survive with this. I can say about ~30 apartments whose participants did more, much more and closed with ignoring subscribers (including you). Amelie - she will watch TV, cook naked and attract attention a little, but there will be nothing interesting (solo activity). But even here you agreed with 4 dead apartments + Vita&Tom = 16% current VH apts.
  9. Shocknews - jabbath1987 account has been hacked and now there is write VH-hater. I really wonder at such a post. Why only Vita and Tom? Stifler have more activity? CandyRed? Viki? Helena? ValMarcus? Mulan? RuthMarry? ex Daenerys? In 40% of apartments, the regime of vegetables and they can be closed. Another 20-30% live in rhythm Guinness record holder "Proteus anguinus" . Others compete for prizes in competition.
  10. Without support - for same reason that Stifler sleeps on couch. Why not? While people are looking and pay $ for empty/fake/lazy apartments, it's time to make money.💸 They quarreled as result, manager now has 2 profitable apartments with zero (average activity in all VH) actions.📺 Now minimum activity is only those apartments that go for prizes in competition. Others go to vegetable mode.
  11. Why only this? Last 5 houses: Sicilia; Sleepler; WebCam girls show + fake failed 3somes; Toxic Sofia and life on sofa; WebCam Romania studio or Val&Marcus. How do you feel about trend for such interesting apartments? This apartment in average level of shit in VH. If for this it needs to be closed, then another 20 apartments must be closed. Close due to lack of money? I do not have actual earnings. ~10 days ago 100 dollars/day = sleep, doing nothing in the dark and phone. Yesterday Maitre wrote that earnings fell to 60/day. But in order to close apartments of loafers, income must fall to 20/day (level or less rent and cameras).
  12. But it is fair to mention this apartament and Scott are fighting to win competition. Other apartments either do not participate or lost hope to win (Alisa).
  13. Well, what criteria do you have? Or name interesting participants online right now? Main problem is not even lack good content in old level. Is nothing interesting in all apartaments. Watch how someone sleeps, does same routine, or looks on phone 24/7? P.S. Only interesting event in all month (or even ~40-50 days) and VH just turned off apartament after only few cams is damaged. This is also a criterion not to pay by the way. Prospective participant - simply be killed by guest incident (Alexandra&Chad). Or event is turned off due to some violations.
  14. This world is not lost!!!😎 I have hope in humankind🌏. I heard about ~10 days ago - they check income, have an average 124 dollars/day (maybe week period). If now they lost half. That's great👍. But fair income for these homeless students (all 4 places) is $10 day. And they would have about that in 2018-19. P.S. If indeed their income has fallen so much, then subscriber base is likely declining. Since Vel and Marcus are still in first screen (#10 now/5 line) and no any new Interesting participants or actions.
  15. Well, you wrote somewhere - there is nothing bad in worthless places. I can name few absolutely useless places that are open - Sleepler, CandyJack, Elza, VikiKate, Helena, Val, Cassie, Mulan. And? Considering quality of open places, this is all +/- average level of shit in VH.
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