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  1. groomy

    Becca & Ben

    Not really. He is animator and master of ceremonies. Starting the movie - cinema can hire their group to advertise premiere. Someone has themed festival or corporate - invite them. They are not only just animators. But they mostly work - at normal events. Not as Foxy and her art troupe - in crazy events in clubs.
  2. groomy

    Darcie & Stifler

    More than 10 hours off-line.
  3. Congratulations to Nyu and Ronny - achievement "Fuck in Poll" is unlocked. Lena&Peter last summer - now Nyu&Ronny. Next Cindy&Matt?
  4. groomy

    Misty & Sara

    NAS and O&L - go to prize. And some other apt - but I do not know which one. Other houses either do not participate or beyond the orbit Saturn. Just Friday and Saturday are considered golden evenings. And everyone is trying to arrange party - because statistics will be higher than on the any night Monday-Friday. Previously there were 6-8 parties in Friday-Saturday night.
  5. groomy

    Misty & Sara

    Yes - but overall this was one of the worst Fridays lately in VH. Otto and Lola - they run for the prize. And they try different things. Bodyart was boring yes despite 2 couples. But they try. And try every day. Nyu&Ronny&Cindy&Matt - they try - but many technical problems. And not crazy. Just testing pool with fresh water. Em - small bathroom show with Sia. In another Friday - I would not even include it on this list. Now - she's a competitor for winner of the night. Misty party... Well, achievement is Sara's first Sex.
  6. groomy

    Otto & Lola

    Well, the expectations are high here. Just because they are in the competition for sure. O&L and NAS are most often advertised in twitter (NAS now invited Foxy with her Gf - while Serena is out of game for a day).
  7. groomy

    Becca & Ben

    Well they do not say much. I do not think they have a relationship. And of course they use real names in communication, not VH nickname. Options - or Becca is history and Ben is free. Or Becca will arrive soon.
  8. groomy

    Otto & Lola

    I guess there will be party-orgy tonight.
  9. Necessarily. But VH level - this is either fine for apartment (Lisa will be happy) or exception (Em will be happy too). Em problem is that - she finds very strange guys. All three - in fact are not stable and I would not call them normal.
  10. Well, I do not see what I can translate in order not to harm them. Just a usual scandal love - not love/I will leave - not leave. Well, some personal moments are better - to miss. But in general. In theory, it's best to turn off the apartment. Then seriously talk to Em. Or Bob + Sid - persona non grata. Either Em is also excluded. And try to find her a normal guy. Without strangeness and unsustainable mind (just when girl and guy (`s - Sid too) are not stable - it's a disaster).
  11. Well, the standard decision VH will either fined apartment (Lisa will be happy - that she will be fined too) or finaly expel Em-Sid-Ben.
  12. groomy

    Becca & Ben

    As I understand it - even on old visits. He's a guy who have girls - just for sex. For the project it's super. If Becca will also invite girls/guys - or they organize orgies. Ben&Becca apt contender for the Top-3 VH for sure. This girl screams like Darcie. Speaking of Darcie - they seem to have a party. And maybe party not be boring as before. Darcie is ready for Orgy. Judging by the communication. This will happen maybe even today.
  13. groomy

    Becca & Ben

    Well, if you do not count Becca and attempts with Whitney, then # 1. Maybe we'll see it again - or not. Not serious GF - just friend for fuck. Becca - soon.