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  1. This is legal. But will be incidents on cameras. When? I dont know. Potential each party = close apartment/fine.
  2. Well forbidden content will happen in Mr.Art&A. I guarantee.😉 Not associated with cameras.
  3. I'm talking about a new apartment from a new manager. Mr.Art and Arianda.
  4. Btw - Jia Lisa also here. Not back. Just checked - what's interesting. Nothing interesting. Many apartments closed. A lot opened up - but they are very so-so. Mr.Art and Ariana and other future apts new manager - promising. But I'm afraid that VH close them soon because of fines or complaints. This is a rather risky (but interesting) type of apartment. Unfortunately - such apartments die quickly.
  5. Well, at least they are trying to do something interesting.
  6. She is Gina Gerson - ~10 years in porn. This is her style. She is Alexa Flexy. Today is a new video with her. 4on1 BBC for Alexa Flexy, Balls Deep Anal and DP with Facial GIO1240 WWW.LEGALPORNO.COM LegalPorno - exclusive porn videos for all tastes in HD quality. Stream and download best scenes with the most popular & naughty girls in the whole Internet By the way - before porn, she was a pretty promising gymnast (candidate for national team of Ukraine). Then injury seemed to end her career. This is kind of a new porn actress. Yukki Amey Yukki Amey on Woodman casting X | Official website WWW.WOODMANCASTINGX.COM Yukki Amey first porn audition by Pierre Woodman. Yukki Amey will be naked during this Woodman casting X video. Release Date: 2019-11-17
  7. Well, Sofi have some career up.😉 Now she was invited to Halloween party in LegalPorno. But still I doubt that she will invited to New Year's party. Nevertheless, they invited according to top-list rating - she is not yet in top.
  8. They talk about health problems. I don’t know how girls named here (VHTV). The girl who is closer (black hair) - wants to diagnostics in different clinics free gov/some medical research in private (this is cheaper). The girl with bright hair insistently asks to go to one, good clinic, all diagnostics reliably and without queues. But it costs money. Which girl with black hair wants to save. Judging by amounts (they discuss about money level 3-4 days Domi’s work as English teacher), they are not doing well with money, in general.
  9. Just a note. Planned party. Something similar what Alex and Lina with photographer and all their segment. But perhaps a hard afterparty.
  10. St. Petersburg era is over. Now there are no apartments from this glorious city. Only Mira&Henry have good comeback and still in VHTV.
  11. I doubt it. Contracts are usually limited to exclusive. For example - she have contract limit 1 year anal only for Lansky (no other studios). This apartment in Hungary. And many actresses who come to the shooting stop here. As for the cameras - is this usually like in past Stefan’s mansion was better? Or in other big apartments. Even in Mira&Henry past apartment. As far as I understand, they need a big mansion. VH is more secondary income - simply because they have content, home porno, pro porno, just fuck - that can be monetized.
  12. 7-14 days - norm. There are a lot of bureaucracy. Approval of apartment. Approval of angles. And there will be rather big apartment, as I understand it. So ~10 days after rent contract.
  13. About this - it's normal. Within week they will enter online.😉
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