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  1. LoL. While Viky apt offline, with all ukr houses because problems with police, M&S house becomes the Top Zoo in VH! New pet has arrived.🐀
  2. Same people who manages initially (Valerie - A&L).😛 This apt is 100% George and Ray. Not Elise.
  3. George and Ray. Elise left project.
  4. In any illegal business there are 2 key parameters - capacity and time. In Ukraine, webcam studios are closed regularly (in the same Police facebook - webcam studio 7 girls in Krivoy Rog closed and arrested all the equipment + 301 criminal article). Just too long and too many participants. Sooner or later - police would come. How? 100500 variants. Some complaint from a former participant or landlord or neighbors? Real. Policeman decided to some relax and accidentally open video (quite possibly VK or free porn site) - where he recognized his hometown. Real. Good work - target work of this police department. They are actively working on webcam sites, on resources with prostitutes, etc. They have official salary - for this job.
  5. Money. For local (EU) it is not interesting from money side. Only Hobby. Scouting problems. High risks - again, starting package (1+1m housing rent, Internet, utility payments) - will require a lot of money than now (Russia/Ukraine). This is have sense if from Ukraine invite participants. However, they will have only 3 months. And they will receive less money - for similar actions (statistics) in Ukraine. Because big loan to return in less time (80-85 days). Large expenses (food, utilities, Internet, rental housing). Yes - Claus apt. Seriously. Residents of this apartment - definitely got into big trouble. But most likely - at time of investigation at home, not in prison. кримінального провадження, розпочатого за ознаками кримінального правопорушення, передбаченого статтею 301 criminal proceedings initiated on grounds of criminal offense article 301 викрито групу осіб exposed group All technical devices (most likely including phones with all VH chats) were arrested. Therefore, problem is serious. However, I think it will be limited only local level, that is, those who appeared on video. VH - no. Jeka&A&L - low risks (and they live in other countries). But A&L - closed twitter.
  6. Just note. Official facebook https://www.facebook.com/pg/dbzptl/posts/ Kriviy Rog - webcam studio 7 girls. Escort for rich tourists and VIP clients. Transportation channel for girls in the EU for prostitution. Kiev - brothel 12 girls Webcam studio - 20 girls Another brothel
  7. Начато уголовное производство, продолжаются следственные действия. Criminal proceedings are begun and investigation continues. 301 criminal code article - about porno (3-7 years in prison). Prostitution, porno, webcam, slavery, selling people, etc. - is the activity of this police departement.
  8. Well Corn is not make good show. Again - some misfortune. Potentially - Elise is one of strongest VH girls who can do good show. And Sandy is also a hot girl. At the end of first month - they began to show high level. And? Something happened. Apartment - off-line. After moved, both Elise and Sandy did not look motivated. And did a minimum. If they created at least 2-3 evenings/week - as they did in recent days in first apartment. That would be epic.
  9. Mira and Henry will be back on Monday - now Roberta in their apt. D&D - ~3-5 days will miss. For personal reasons. M&S - I do not know, but it is likely, prepare new apartment.
  10. Ukr - 90 days in EU = free every 180 days (2x90 in one year). Only bio passport + some money.
  11. Well, a little analysis. I could be wrong: C&S - I wrote in one topic last week. About C&S hard dispute - not about swing/fuck other girls/guys. It is global and Clara is optimist, and Stas is pessimist. This is about VH income. Stas have a job in this city (more profitable than VH now for them). And I doubt that they will move. Moreover, again, Stas said, need to leave the project and focus on business. Last time - week ago. So C&S - I bet bye-bye. Kate&Molly - it makes no sense. They have big pool of friends in this city. In another country, they cannot survive - for there will be no guys/friends. Chris&Dana - Dana studying at university, Chris - works in this city. But they are quite sociable. No problem with english (C&D) and french (Dana). That is - they would find new friends quickly in new country. But - study and work. So 50/50. Hunter&Piper - they have been unhappy with poor income lately and look other possibilities. But 50/50. Viki&Kate - no problems. Only family. And the zoo🐕🐶🐱 (transport private zoo in EU is very difficult). So 70% to move and back in VH. I don’t know about others, but rather not. What is the point spending money on relocation and starting advance payment - if participants do not earn? Not even for VH/Manager, but for the participant.
  12. Here on February 7/19 - 20 girls - big webcam studio in Kiev. Technically - VH participation can also be interpreted under this article.