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  1. groomy

    Kate & Molly

    Just wondering - VH know that Realm2 online? Kate&Molly no advertising on Twitter. Or is it more interesting - than Molly is in the bathroom?
  2. groomy

    Grace & Jacob

    Nice to see - that Sara is increasingly active here.
  3. Website - VH is not blocked. Used filter on IP. If you have UKR IP - Ukrainian apartments are hidden for you. If RUS IP is hidden Russian. Moldavian - Moldavian. I suppose Budapest - was hidden for Hungary IP. More than 1 000 000 people live in Odessa. What chance - that those 10-20-30 Stas and Clara friends will see them? And such content is not popular in Russia and Ukraine. Need or blood, scandals and orgies show (such as Spygasm). Or only porn - which is 10005000 movies free even in VK. For example Alexa - VH visits: Germany 15.5% Spain 9.0% United States 8.8% Italy 7.3% France 7.0% Spygasm visits: Russia 57.1% Ukraine 9.0% Azerbaijan 5.9% Belarus 3.9% Germany 3.2%
  4. groomy

    Polly & Valery

    Hundreds thousands of people die from the wrong treatment or medical errors. #nodoctors Or maybe should start to regulate this biz area. Declare certain rules. All interesting participants were invited by managers. Not VH. VH level - Catherine&John or Miami place.
  5. groomy

    Polly & Valery

    Official version: Voyeur House TV @VoyeurHouseTV News. Realm Polly, Valery decide to left our project because of family issues. You can find all the best moments with them here: But already deleted. I heard - George wanted to close/dismiss/save only Valery a month+ ago. Because - as low income.
  6. groomy

    Polly & Valery

    Actually George is honest. Girls did not work well. Statistics are bad. And there is question - on subject of damage apartment. But participants have statistics in application on phone. Every hour. And how much they earned (like at least $100 a week, paid by George, less = next week. But this is not certain, I heard somewhere with Nina with candidates). Now in VH active manager - who decides how much to pay participants. Not by stats (participants do not have statistics on the phone) - only on the manager mood (this is addition to 50% royalties for manager - for example, other ~10%) and quality of additional services.😉 And this is not a secret for VH.
  7. groomy

    Kate & Molly

    Kate as always Anal Plug I'm glad - I was not mistaken in Kate. And she is progressing. Now is anal plug. Not so luxurious - as Ella did, but also good.👍
  8. groomy

    Chris & Dana

    Very hot and sexy. No!😴
  9. groomy

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    Just look at Nina in last week and at Nina 3 months ago. These are two different girls. I think - translation is not needed there. She goes to big specialized medical institute (Hospital) in another city.
  10. groomy

    Kate & Molly

    After the summer fall - now it is stable. In early November 2 years VH. Therefore, on sales/discounts they will sell additional subscriptions. https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/voyeur-house.tv But honestly: M&H - serious problems when they solve them positively (if solve) they will return. Nina - serious health problems (Nina left for a long time, several months guaranteed). But house is online. Polly - finances, they did not earn. Cleo&Axel - I think few problems, low earnings (what motivation?), personal problems, end of relationship. Courtney - she is well and without project. If she finds good apartment, for little money, she will return. But don't be surprised if apartment is empty for weeks. Again she is well and without project.
  11. groomy

    Carl & Jenifer

    Courtney - she's good and without project. Not having restrictions with her husband. Last thing I heard - she is looking for an apartment. She does not want an apartment with black square in bathroom (separate toilet). And not want too expensive and big place because, she is well and outside project and will often - empty apartment.