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  1. Lol no. But on cams girl whom Diana called her sister. Long time ago. Well, or recently, not watched VH for last weeks. Obviously, Faye did not justify expectations. Wrong time. Now she is at stage of searching for bf/love/family. And there will be no any epic. Well, it's as if Misty open apt with Kyle first time. Some participants and candidates theoretically cannot make an epic scenes. Faye can - and even did as a guest. But now it is in past. P.S. Surprised that this house is online. I think 1-2 violations and end. P.S.S. No interesting new participants. No good mo
  2. Yes. But judging by latest news, girls will be fined and entrance closed in UAE for some time, and organizer may be in prison. So on Legalporno there will be good new models soon.
  3. Unlikely. Here mostly sheikh-hunters. In FM-apt (Lia/Agnia/Romeo) - porn models.
  4. Covid - so only in russia production and Skype casting📺/ Here - first film in pro Rita with Romeo for Woodman. Rita Fox - XXXX - CPX 4 by Pierre Woodman | Official website WWW.WOODMANCASTINGX.COM Rita Fox - XXXX - CPX 4 hardcore video by Pierre Woodman. Casted girls now become pornstar and have hard sex in this video. Release Date: 2021-04-04
  5. I just write - it is very easy to recklessly destroy something good. Not ideal, but good. And then it is difficult or impossible to restore this good. After 3-5 years, understand what you lost and torture yourself for it. Their relationship from outside view is objectively and unequivocally good. Not perfect, but better than in 4/5 families in Russia. Therefore, need to work on maintaining the relationship. They will both be very grieve if they break up now. Certainly no one (M&H) will get any better from this. Well, we don't know why they are in crisis. However, fact that
  6. Yes like slow trend. Well, at least they will have something that is not in this apartment - hot orgy.
  7. Well this is sad. And the main thing is not promising. Even from pragmatic point of view. I don't know specific problem now. But usually your scandals are more than light-level. In absolutely every family there are on regular basis (and usually more often than yours). In most families, everything is much worse, more often and hard. I would write - "Woe from well-being". Perhaps it is worth doing something useful - hobbies, work, skills, etc (Mira and you)? Or take break from project or city?
  8. It won't work. Rather, it will lead to additional fines and stop of activity. Buying at least 2-3 good cameras ($200+ and Sony Starvis or other new sensor) for new apartment will help - not the cheapest Hikvision (or even fake in Ali). They have too weak sensores and big border regime. In technical terms, unfortunately, everything is bad. And no prospects.😒 They need director SpyGasm. There was super positioning and really good cameras for 350-400 dollars. And no problems with darkness, border modes, activity in the far corner.
  9. I do not agree with your happy end. 1) The apartment go to offline for 10+ hours on first day after the party and for all prime-time. The real fine (or rather the unearned Sadie profit) is $150-200. 2) What is the reason? Operator's suspicions? How it works? Any apartment can be simply turned off. Someone coughed too loudly and end. And most importantly, what was the point of turning off the apartment? Why it not possible to conduct investigations in the background? Sadie could always go out into corridor, call on private topics without cameras. There was no any shock content. N
  10. LP - release. That is to say, what subscribers of VHTV did not have was received by LP subscribers. She didn't even change her nickname lol. New Teen Queen Lin First Time to AnalVids! Natural Big Tits - Hard Anal Fuck - Big Anal Gape VK046 WWW.ANALVIDS.COM AnalVids - exclusive porn videos for all tastes in HD quality. Stream and download best scenes with the most popular & naughty girls in the whole Internet
  11. He work in LP scenes. She too. I showed photos above. Here she and other VHTV participant - Tom (Vita&Tom) Katty West 2on1 DP ATM, Balls Deep, Squirting, Cum in Mouth GL066 WWW.ANALVIDS.COM AnalVids - exclusive porn videos for all tastes in HD quality. Stream and download best scenes with the most popular & naughty girls in the whole Internet Here with "CHAMPAGNE" 🍷 AnalVids WWW.ANALVIDS.COM P.S. No personal info - VH advertises she ash Katty West.
  12. 1) Epic difference. They have few safe people when they left for another city they stopped any activity. You can look at archives or topic. They also had few parties with people who advised Sergio. Or participants, Krista. BUT - they are not new. These are friends-friends and stable pool people. Their initial concept was swing dating sites and invite NEW people. Who knows who they would bring? Possibly new top participants. 2) Easily! In 2 years, almost all old apartments will be gone. And judging by VH trends, stay only buryat/kazakh webcams and modelhouses without penetration. So miss c
  13. 1) She have plans to invite new people regular. The couple they were fined for was the first and new. They found her on the swing dating site. And some others soon. They canceled everything. After fine they invited people - friends or whom Sergio recommended to them. They stopped searching on swing sites. This is 100% information. 2) Now Sadie is best new apt for 6-10 months - if about the group orientation and the general atmosphere. In 2018-19 - just another apt, you can see timeline or if other good places are quiet. Well, you can continue to be a fan Sergio's half-empty apartment. Bu
  14. No. But they are always looking for how not to pay money - use fines. I think this is not news. Look at any topic - question of fines is regular. And VH are not interested in fact that apartment is turned off for any reason during at party. In fact, subscribers also fined.
  15. Obviously they have too strong start. And VH is not going to pay them so much money. Fines with or without reason are help. Russian business is a classic. I wrote about this in last summer. What is motivation to do something - if operators find a reason, how to do -500$? Participants before them, who took too strong start, were already transferred to passive status. Classic - Alexandra with big plans, when start immediately began to kill fines. As a result, Alexandra go to vanilla content without friends, and then left replaced by webcam places. VH is satisfied.💸 Well that's true at th
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