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  1. Leora never participated in an orgy with 8 people.🤪 Her bags in house. She left only with a laptop and pictures.
  2. Just got used to the good technical side in DD/IB/LC...
  3. Helga have problems with the light — even when she lived with Darcie. If take forum comments overnight. Only 3 D&D houses worked good.
  4. Well, I did not find the news about police raid. On the other hand - LifeUnderCam arested Jun6 and news only Jun19.
  5. Apparently - VV is over. Apt - closed. Now only VH have Russian apartments in industry.
  6. Here is Leonie (Barney GF). And they have some relationship problems. Today, Leonie have time in D&D apt.
  7. Domi have really BIG plans for summer vacation. 2 workout per day.
  8. Anything can happen. I can recommend no more than 1 month sub. It is better to renew. Just in VH - all eggs in one basket. There are no Barca/Masha or analogue in EU. If Ru-segment over - game over VH. But in general - there are now many beautiful girls/guests. Especially soft-debauchery. But party-hard still here.
  9. Use replacement therapy. Psychologically - withdrawal syndrome better pass on replacement therapy. Now even ersatzPaul - here. Only dog missing.
  10. Well, they swear for a long time. Week+. However, this is manager risk. Nobody knows - when all breaks. When they were guests (month+) - everything fine. Probably this situation (apt) end or be reformatted soon.
  11. Domi really works hard for summer vacation.🏝️
  12. Dom-2 - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG ДОМ 2. Официальный сайт реалити шоу на ТНТ. Смотреть свежие серии бесплатно. DOM2.RU Все серии проекта ДОМ-2, самая актуальная информация о героях и ведущих, блоги и видеоблоги участников, обсуждение участников... Super-popular russian reality show with fake love/wedding, intrigues, fights and game of thrones - 15 years online (in TV format). But without sex (TV). Nude are closed - by blurring. Now they have a subscription - without censorship and additional materials. But there is such level content.
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