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  1. groomy

    Mira & Henry Part #2

    Honestly - they have 2 main problems. 1) Industrial city - with a very small swing community. 2) General trends (VH). Now the lowest rates for the year. And it falls pretty fast. The main competitor (RLC) is stagnation. That is, they will have larger % of total daily rating (for all apartments) - to have same (old) income. https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/voyeur-house.tv https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/reallifecam.com First problem can be solved with a new place. Can move to another city in Russia - with large swing community and a more free (sexual) atmosphere. Or make big Bet - and choose country. For example SEA (Thai/Cambo/Viet) - it would be interesting with strong competitive advantages. But to make such Bet - in falling market (VH), a high risk.
  2. Lexy&Pete. Dana&Chris (high level and Dana some French). Piper - average level. Selma - high level and communicated regularly with English-speaking friend on videocalls.
  3. groomy

    Mira & Henry Part #2

    Cameras are their property (not rent) - therefore it is not so critical. About the size. I thought it would be worse. They have a lot of points of interest in such an apartment. Examples? Barbecue - can invite friends/other couple and have such party, it is unique. Pool&Sauna - again can be used in parties. Two rooms (Mira and Henry do not like guests in bedroom - so bedroom for M&H). Another thing is that in their old pace, such an apartment will not be used. Moreover, Mira will have less attention than in the old cozy apt. In this apartment M&H need a lot of parties and constant movement.
  4. groomy

    Mira & Henry Part #2

    Pool&Sauna😛 So I was right comparing their house with RLC Anabel and Efim.
  5. groomy

    Mira & Henry Part #2

    Online👍. Real big&nice. Top-level apt😛 Home barbecue
  6. The bed was broken twice. Now wet mattress. They definitely need to take contacts - professional cleaning from Dana and Chris.
  7. In University - back to home in Friday.
  8. groomy

    Trixie & Leah

    Lisa and Grant. Big cleaning apartment - T&L moving soon.
  9. Not sure - but I suppose University. A few days - she was preparing a lot of scientific work. And in Ukraine - usually University exams before New Year in Dec 7-25. Upd - Friday back to home
  10. groomy

    Hunter & Piper

    Yes. But this is still a monetization model. For example - Dana or Viki, in principle, does same in VH and webcam. Selma - on the contrary, in Webcam she Princess, in VH fuck with everyone. If subscribers in mass knew about VH - they would stop donating to "Princess" in CB. There is reverse situation. In CB - she even do anal. In VH - just under blanket.🙄 That is, I understand Selma's position - until not have promised "gigantic money" only easy mode, so as not to RIP CB career. But I do not understand position this girl. Came to help friends? Make gr8 show.👍 But I do not see why they should be blamed. Nothing bad happened. Girl-girl = new to this apartment. Girl is also new🤗. This is better than an ordinary day in this apartment. And even better - than in previous girl (hot brunette - who does nothing). Objectively.
  11. groomy


    Looks like Juliet has found her Kyle. With this content - not to survive. Pablo type parties - work only some time.
  12. groomy

    Kathy & Molly

    After a night of party, was quick with 3some guy. 3some gr8 4some with other guy If she had stayed with Andrew, topic go to archive month ago, I guarantee it.🤓
  13. groomy

    Hunter & Piper

    They webcamgirls. For them, this is normal. The second girl is really famous webcamstar.
  14. Just guess. There was a last chance then, after the incident on 1 page this topic. New hard incident (special and repeated cam covering = hard in drugs-level) = disqualification. Judging by latest posts - in the topic, there was multiple covering few cams. I doubt it. She said - "she" was tired of the project. To Z&B - all events experience. It is important to properly use experience. To become better.