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  1. Yes, I turned off Chrome plugins and PM worked. Maybe some Chrome application blocks message field. Before update, everything worked good and I didn't add any new plugins for very long time (few months).
  2. No. The message field is not active. Only with title not send.
  3. Not work now. Nothing can be written in the message field. Message REQUIRED Insert image from URL This field is required.
  4. contribiuting - 6000-7000 rub Single men only for pay. But I don't think for that. It's more like bonus + backstage. This apartment is more used to sleep, some kind of communication, plans, preparation. Swing parties away from cameras. About money for single - 100%. They talked about it constantly (entries, participation fees) in early days + Jakar also advised on pricing policy. But I'm sure that if guy paid 6-7k rubles for "that party". He would broken Sirius's face. Therefore, parties are going on somewhere else. If it's an Asian girl, then they came without any special pl
  5. Well, these are privileged participants in administration and Jab. Therefore, criticism is unacceptable. I'll just mark the opening earlier They don't even try to make an opening party - as all previous moves/vacations. Sorry, but this is dishonest and two-faced morale. When other participants play like this on camera, you either ignore it or write - "FakeCam show! Boring! Ignore!" For example, how does it differ from Elza? Or others? Which you don't like for playing same games. I always support imp
  6. They are "soft swingers" and are not going to change that. I don't see anything bad with providing apartment for brigade hardcore swingers. As for fine - it was canceled. They successfully appealed. There no fact on camera, only suspicious action. So Allison&Roger happy - but they learned lesson.
  7. She works hard - and knows value of money. She is interested in quitting her job and joining VH.
  8. I wonder if the apartment will be online by the morning. By the way, Anna and Alex are on way to here.
  9. Cash is very popular in Russia/Ukraine. Also after first month - visit to inspect apartment, absolutely logical. Maybe apartment already turned into pigsty or have damage. And rent must be stoped immediately. Or on the contrary, tenants take care about apartment and landlord just have money by transfer without worrying.😉
  10. They are not interested in such parties. But they wanted to make more money and invited swingers. I cannot guarantee 100% that they will lie on couch or do fake activity (swing-guests came to us, watch everything - but in fact, only tease, without a hard mode). But it was discussed. I know that Lydia and Loki very angry with fine in old apt. And they really wanted to either leave or stop any activity. But in the end, then they did some parties. Perhaps these participants will also do something later. Like L&L or not. But this VH policy - when gigantic fine for any problem in
  11. VH continues the policy of killing apartments with actions. They have 500$ fine and will now behave carefully. Why chase to $250-300, with risk of losing all party earnings and $500. If you can lie on couch and get 50-80 dollars a day? 100% safe. They learned this lesson.
  12. Yes. Well, I have a thematic picture How can you come from top managers with some of best participants and constant updates. To this level? Hermits. Anime and subcultures under psyhochemistry. Sleeping Val.
  13. Let's count objectively: 1) they have more than 5 orgies with full exchange 2) they have more than 7k posts (more than all apt open in 2020) 3) all girls at the level of Val by beauty 4) 75% time they do nothing or routine 5) they were terrible people in everyday life and quarreled with everyone with whom they lived. №5 - not related to the project and subscribers. For others items, they are do more than in 25 apartments now. Therefore, for today they are top. And why only 62? - 86 does more? The last I heard from Sheril $55/day. And she was not happy
  14. Participant in golden times VH. Now they would be top-level apartment. At least in Em&Sid apt something to discuss in ~7k posts - they have more posts than all current apts opened in 2020 together. In sex and activities, he is on Stifler (Panda&Rabbit) level🐰🐼. Well, now in every apartment there true SexGigants, Russian Rocco🙏. No🙈. Objectively Em did more than Val, for example. Sia - more than top-activity by current standard.
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