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  1. At their age certainly never had a problem probably do better than them now at my age now
  2. I have never seen so many men who can't get hard ons, just pathetic, sure most are really closet homosexuals, definitely think that Marcus is one, if you were laying next to val you would want to be tapping it all the time.
  3. I second that, I am now counting down the days till my sub runs out, there is no interest in any of the apts, they don't live normal lives, nobody can sleep as much or sit doing nothing as much as the tenants now. Oh to bring back some of the old tenants!
  4. I like that realm but if it has turned into a convent it won't last long, they need to do something exciting
  5. The 2 girls look like hookers they have picked up off a street corner
  6. For f...sake how many chances does stifle get. Vh must be desperate!
  7. I'm sure vh and the tenants will miss your money!
  8. Should take the whole site off air and save us from a night of boredom
  9. What's happened to sina and jules, another one bit the dust.... utter garbage vh!!!
  10. More viewers probably due to boredom during the pandemic, will quickly disappear when back to work or lack of funds due to redundancy, then the loyal fans of the old vh will disappear because of the direction they have taken.
  11. Wonder if they will come back?
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