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  1. If you were to only watch apts that you like most people would leave. At this present moment there is nothing to keep you entertained. We remember sina and Jules from the good old days when they were entertaining which they are not at the moment. As a paying subscriber I do want value for my money and not people who live on past memories.
  2. Totally agree,I don't know why they have come back, Sina is definitely not happy here
  3. I think bev would do well on her own, I think most people watch this apt because of her. Would love to see that smirk wiped off his face.
  4. Why have these two come back, more interesting watching paint dry. Just noticed in the archive that they have sina making the bed, if that is the most interesting thing to happen it shows how bad this apt is. Hope no more of George's people come back, I don't think I could manage the excitement!
  5. It is time one or both left, totally disrespectful to the people paying a hard earned income. May as well take sina and jules as well as they are a shadow of their former selves.
  6. No wonder you bored them to death, and us
  7. Well that's enough for me, time for sleep and timeline tomorrow, this is a good way to lose an audience. Hugo cares more for his phone than two naked girls in front of him.
  8. Can they drag it out any longer, even the guests look like they are falling asleep
  9. It shows how bad vh is when you are lauding their return, when they can't hold a candle to past participants, not their fault but compared to the past they are poor
  10. The only reason people are leaving this forum is because of the dire state of vh l imagine most people are like me and ignore whatever you say amy3
  11. I don't think men dressing as women is normal but you don't hear me preaching about it, you should get off your high horse and try to live a decent life because you sure are bitter and twisted!
  12. Just skipped through the apartments and I am wondering what we are paying for as a majority are empty and are most evenings and some others are preparing to go out, we should have a percentage refund for the empty places. As for the girl at Henry's place being a sub I cannot remember anybody moaning about rosie when she was being used by so many! At least something is happening there.
  13. Second night away from the apt, they need to decide if their interests lie with vh or outside the project. Vh you are dire!!!
  14. Soon be nobody left apart from the cam apts , what a bloody mess it has become and vh doesn't seem to give s toss. Viewers must be leaving in droves!
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