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  1. I thought it was just me, but can't be arsed to send a ticket as all they will say is that the problem is at my end. Load of tossers all of them, don't deserve to own a business, especially don't deserve to keep customers
  2. Also told me it's my fault, it's time to stick their site up their arse, I've had enough of this, too many people have problems to be our fault plus it is the same on both my laptops.
  3. Bad gateway 502 so can't even send a ticket, what s pile of shit this site is
  4. Well at least you got a reply, I have still heard nothing
  5. Yep that was over 3 hours ago, I wonder how many coffees and shit breaks they have had in that time!
  6. Probably an automated reply then nothing else the same as me, a waste of time
  7. I'm down to 15 and I feel the same, been a member for years but had enough of their attitude, be it poor tenants, poor lighting, poor cams, the list is never ending and VH doesn't seem to give a dam.
  8. I sent one over an hour ago and not had the decency to reply, I wonder if anybody tells the tenants not to bother to do anything as they won't get paid for it.
  9. How long is it going to take to repair this time, still having problems and heard nothing back from VH, what good customer service.............not.
  10. Yes in the past you have been boring lately
  11. They were my favourite too, seemed to relax their guests and therefore have a good time.
  12. VH stopped working for me, anybody else having problems
  13. I don't know a thriving business that doesn't put its paying customers first, it feels like they are trying their hardest to push customers to breaking point.
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