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  1. Thanks, support has been looking at my computer to see what's wrong
  2. Anybody else having trouble with cams not loading and lagging, also when cams work they are blurred. Am I the only one
  3. She was a breath of fresh air on this site, definitely deserves a place but not that hellhole red had, hope she has some friends.
  4. It would have been nice if the cams had been working. VH working to fix faults at there normal speed.
  5. A day later and the cams are still the same, whose fault, not ours but we are paying for this shite!!
  6. Already done so ,AGAIN!! Nothing gets done, after being a member for over 2 1/2 years(since Layne's epic threesome) l have never known the site to be so bad. I can't think of any apt that wants me to think about renewing, it's all dross.
  7. Yesterday it was the cameras at Kira's failing, now these, when are they ever going to fix this bloody site!!!
  8. And hardly any of it watchable because of the crap cameras. The total site is getting worse!!!
  9. Wish they would watch how Dana and Chris would have fun nights and make guests feel at ease. They should leave the phones at home, I don't know why they have guests!
  10. Do not know what has happened but this has gone to time line only. It's like watching paint dry!
  11. Had a reply blaming the camera and not the lights, what a load of bull
  12. Just put in a support ticket. How are you supposed to watch anything with these bloody lights. She doesn't deserve to earn any money!!!!
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