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  1. Appreciate if you could delete my account. Thank you

    N D

    1. Amy3


      Deleting it just takes your control of your account away. It doesn't delete your posts, reps, or PMs. 

  2. Ronny put on a condom and Nyusha gave him the lube bottle and by the angle and the groans most likely anal.
  3. And this session as well.
  4. I think Nyusha was getting a bit of anal in that last session.
  5. Anastasia enjoys a good pounding.
  7. The big clothes hunt is on. Where did my nickers end up?
  8. He satisfies the ladies so well.
  9. Who knows, lost count hours ago.
  10. Looking at Anastasia's naked body on camera 4 now, to see such a perfect shape, her shoulders, her back, her waist and hips with that once in a lifetime bum, down to her legs, she is one of a kind and should be loved deeply.
  11. Nari Dog

    Lexy & Pete Part #1

    Love the way you tried and tried to win Bluey over. You are a great couple, more power to you both and thank you.
  12. Here we go again, lost count which round they are up to.
  13. Nari Dog

    Lexy & Pete Part #1

    Agree, she is a beautiful woman with a great face and smile just pity she has sexual hangups. Time will tell.
  14. GF has a big smile on her face, she has been satisfied.
  15. Nari Dog

    Lexy & Pete Part #1

    They are now discussing their efforts over the past two nights. They think she will come around.