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  1. Misty Part #3

    Nyu putting in her two cents worth now Misty having a go at Dax. Haven't we been down this path before?
  2. Misty Part #3

    OK, looks like trouble in the bathroom. Dax and Anastasia having a deep and meaningful chat.
  3. Misty Part #3

    Looks like bed time but unfortunately nil action to report. Can't find Dax. Didn't see him go.
  4. Misty Part #3

    and I think she just ruined it for Misty.
  5. Misty Part #3

    I don't understand Dax. Anastasia is there to be loved and enjoyed, she is willing but he seems to loose interest when things start to heat up.
  6. Misty Part #3

    How you like to be in Dax's shorts now with Anastasia running her hand over your manhood.
  7. Misty Part #3

    Especially Anastasia, she is just one special sexy girl.
  8. Bree & Drew

    He can jack off as much as wants too as long it's not over Anastasia's sexy bum. See she is safe and well at Misty's apartment. Looks like Dax is there as well.
  9. Bree & Drew

    Anastasia has left for the day. I wonder if she will back for another night of broken sleep by the sleazeball.
  10. Bree & Drew

    Looks like he has given up for the time being. Total failure as a bloke.
  11. Bree & Drew

    I'm waiting for Anastasia to knee him in the nuts. That might be the only way he will get the message.
  12. Bree & Drew

    He is now trying to jack himself off.
  13. Bree & Drew

    I think Anastasia just rejected his advances once again.
  14. Bree & Drew

    Got a soft spot for Anastasia, she was besotted with Dax and enjoyed being fucked by him. Now it seems to have turned pear shape. I only hope when she settles down in the new apartment, things will look up for her and we will see that beautiful smile return.