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  1. Lisa was a tenant a while back and she was one of the first who did cleaning naked. So wearing Lisas cleaning uniform just means cleaning naked
  2. its a camshow. their account at chaturbate https://de.http://cams.camcaps.net//max__leksa/
  3. that is not a problem since he delivers whenever he is needed
  4. watching this apt while curly is still there is the same as buying a Ferrari and driving it with only 30kmh (18mph for the americans) boring as hell.
  5. I dont know if this is intended or not, but in Jeff & Violet Apartment when using the staging we have access to cam 3 instead of cam 4 as the free cam in the Living Room. Not that i'll complain to get another view for free. I just wanted you to know.
  6. lol another round spin the bottle and ofc it stopped at Jeff again
  7. Time for the Bottle to point at Ira so he can get revenge for showing his ass on cam - not that it is something new to him but still would be nice if she would have to do the same ^^
  8. so Alan cant watch how they have sex? :D
  9. Well i think aslong as someone is honest with himself/herself the people should accept them as they are. No matter if you like they way they areor not it is not the right of one to judge about the personality of others. So just be yourself^^
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