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  1. He is moving out of the cams into the shadows ... he can be a ninja dog 🤣
  2. Oh wow! Otto & Lola are back. Seems i now got a new favorite appartment to watch. First impression of the other couple: they seem to be good too.
  3. I wish for one of the following to return: - Violet - Lisa - Romina Please dear Santa, God, Devil or whoever is open to furfill my wish 😆
  4. Seems like you try to troll hard do you? when i was writing that comment Valentina wasnt even there anymore. It is great that she came back. So my statement that it went down when Valentina left was ofc only true till she came back wich was after my comment. Same with the other blonde she alo showed up on that day. So in the time between the mentioned times (A: left of Valentina and Terry and B: return of Valentina and the other Girl) there was no real eyecandy. Thank you for trying but as i cant predict the future my comment wasnt wrong at that time.
  5. i was talking abt the girls in THIS appartment not on all VHTV
  6. There are a lot of beautiful girls in russia, ukraine and other slavic countries. if you search you may find one that makes you miss that girl less 😉 but yeah the "quality" of the girls went down since that hottie (did she ever got a name?) and terry left
  7. Welcome to the Hottie's Fanclub. The others are drooling abt her for a while now but you can join right now 😁
  8. its all dependant wich definition you use to tell which countries belong to wich zone. for example CIA classifies Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, France, UK and Ireland as western Europe while Portugal, Spain and Andorra belong to Southwest Europe (so it is not west or south its an own region). But if you look on other definitions Spain and Portugal can be in either west or south Europe.
  9. Lisa was a tenant a while back and she was one of the first who did cleaning naked. So wearing Lisas cleaning uniform just means cleaning naked
  10. its a camshow. their account at chaturbate https://de.http://cams.camcaps.net//max__leksa/
  11. that is not a problem since he delivers whenever he is needed
  12. watching this apt while curly is still there is the same as buying a Ferrari and driving it with only 30kmh (18mph for the americans) boring as hell.
  13. I dont know if this is intended or not, but in Jeff & Violet Apartment when using the staging we have access to cam 3 instead of cam 4 as the free cam in the Living Room. Not that i'll complain to get another view for free. I just wanted you to know.
  14. lol another round spin the bottle and ofc it stopped at Jeff again
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