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  1. Henrry is home alone right now, maybe waiting for Mira. I hope they solve their problems.
  2. I am curiously waiting for your new place
  3. Where are betty and rick. Are there any news from them.
  4. Betty ve Rick nerede? Misafir olarak VH'ye katıldılar mı?
  5. Betty and Rick are using social media. Rick is constantly following which pages from the computer. he is taking pictures continuously. how can we see the pictures taken.
  6. betty ve misafir küvetinin tadını çıkarıyor betty and guest in bedroom. Rick is neglected. guest rick should also be interested.
  7. I use google translation . some words are changing. I apologize for the typing mistake
  8. Betty and Rick have guests. Rick is doing some preparations in the bedroom. I have a photo shoot. do you have a picture from the bedroom?
  9. now the guests came. I wish there was a rapprochement
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