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  1. trivial pursuit - I have never played in this game. Monopoly - it is my favorite game, but henry dont like it(((((
  2. thanks, it is very nice. and what exactly do you like in my ass and pussy? Soon it will not hurt me to move at all and I will return to my usual way of life. I really enjoyed dancing lately. and during the time spent in the hospital I saw only pain and suffering. met a man who on Monday was cut off a knee. I came out of the clinic a little different. I want to appreciate every moment, enjoy it. because no one knows if tomorrow will come for us.
  3. дякою!!! сегодни мене справжни добре!!! Вы размовляете украинску мову?
  4. Thank U!!! Im happy too!!! feeling well!!!))))
  5. Thank U!!! Im almost healthy, feeling well and im happy back to the home))))))
  6. Good day. I would like to dispel your thoughts about how we live. Problems with my health fell on our family so unexpectedly. I confess that I am still in shock at the fact that I was suddenly taken to hospital, and my appendicitis was cut out. When I was preparing to return home, when my life was not threatened, and I helped my neighbors in the toilet to go to the toilet, who themselves are not able to do this, I learned the sad news that after the operation you cannot have sex for 1 of the month. For me it was a shock. As for Henry. For myself, I made the decision that now, as long as I am not around, it should come off as it should. So that he was not so sad. because when I’m around I’m not sure that I’ll easily let him do whatever he wants)))). But I myself will not let me be bored either myself or him. My throat does not hurt, and my hands did not cut me off, so we will be entertained differently. Maybe all these problems were given so that we tried something new .. who knows ...
  7. Hi, today im fine and happy!!! Dont warry, everything is ik with me)))))
  8. Sorry, but I dont understand What it means "easy on the eye"? I love guys!!! They visited me in yhe hospital))))
  9. Thank U!!! Today Im feelink well!!! There is no pain and sad!!! Only happy. positive and B-part😉
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