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  1. hello friends, I don’t understand why in this situation you think Ruby is negative, because when everyone in the house tries to help Kelvin, but he doesn’t want to change, he doesn’t do anything in life except to go home and walk the dog, and that’s all he needs to be a million once asked to do, he himself only pretends to be unhappy, but he does not want to do anything and to correct💋
  2. Hello friends, I am pleased that you are worried about me) but in this case there is no reason for this) Kirk slapped me on the pope, because I like it)💋❤️❤️❤️
  3. Thank you, I'm glad to hear it🥰
  4. Thank you very much, I will also miss you, because I have been with you for so long❤️
  5. Of course, thanks to Anna and Alex, for giving me the opportunity to be and be happy here)
  6. I want to say thank you all very much for all the words addressed to me, I am very pleased that you watched and supported me all this time, in fact, this project had my real life, there was love, there was separation, I met new friends, I was betrayed , I suffered, I was glad and all this I went along with you, together with Avami I met Lexi and Pete, Ruby. They showed me what relationships should be and taught me to make the right choice, I am grateful to them for everything and to you) happily everyone❤️❤️❤️❤️💃
  7. I never even thought about it) now I have no feelings for anyone and I am glad of it)💋🥰
  8. each person has his own opinion) no one should impose anything on anyone, I always calmly relate to such statements) it will even amuse me😜🙃
  9. Thank you for your concern, but in the recommendations it is said that on the contrary alcohol is not desirable)❤️
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