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  1. Thank you for the quick response. I thought she was looking for someone who cares more about her and also fulfills her sexual wishes
  2. Hello dear members. I have not been there for a long time and now I see that Leora is alone. Have you seen her with another man? are there any vids of it? thanks for an info
  3. I think the little mouse did not know what to do there
  4. Hello, I am new in this apartment. does anyone have information about these two? age or have you been there before? thanks for info
  5. I registered on vhtv and only followed leora back then but only 2 months ago. then I had changed and now had heard that she may have a cam show or facebook or twitter
  6. Hi Guys; I am new here and I have a question: I heard that Leora has its own website and cam. how do I find that? Thanks for info.
  7. blondie did not finish his sweet blonde in his apartment why am I happy about that?😛🤣
  8. für britmatt Sie hatte keine anal, obwohl das Tatoo das Loch sehr genau ansah.Vielleicht, weil Blondie nicht könnte er es versucht haben und dann bot
  9. Maybe she should visit Ruby and Calvin, they took care of her
  10. Hello ze81 is r & c rlc and where did you see calvin and when. are they back there today? is great if you would write it to me and thanks for that

  11. Hello Pablo ruby said you have a birthday, so congratulations my little one and let it go well today when the party is about to start?
  12. hi jjs I am currently also very disappointed with rlc Suzan Hector are a Katasrophe Carina sabrina also bring nothing Nina Kira are not ggod Rita and jenny except make calls with the phone nothing and these two are not there. Man should simply times together for a time everything Quitting. time or a hostess or Callboy enter arpartment as a workplace, or a private swinger club. Maybe it is yes then you better Maybe I see everything to black my first post was delect.Wy?
  13. Gibt es auch deutschsprachige Wohnungen die so aufgebaut sind wie Hier? es wäre recht interessant die Sprache zu verstehen.
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