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  1. Not sure what Archie nis doing with this dipstick boring as f pair.
  2. Sorry to see them go, they were always interesting before they moved in with Sergio and Melissia.
  3. Give it up mfor Allen - the biggest bull dyke lesbian on site.
  4. If only Archi had been involved as well.
  5. At last some reasonable bi guy content....it's not in the Otto league, but kudos guys.
  6. well, that coulda been interesting...
  7. Kali has 2 good looking dudes with her, but I doubt anything exciting will happen
  8. Oh jesuse bloody wept...ropes again....
  9. 1 girl 3 guys...I like those odd...but I'm not holding my breath that anything interesting will happen.
  10. Oh, Ruta and Christin have got an interesting looking guy in.
  11. I like to remember Kirsta and Andrew when they were interesting ..ie before they moved in with the Bimbos...Sergio and whatserface.
  12. Really loving the new guest guy (the dark haired one) seems very bi-curious...I'm going to be watching his visits with interest. I swear last night was meant to end with a bi-3some but the one guy seemed to get cold feet.
  13. I have to admit, I actually quite liked Archi and I hope he comes back.
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