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  1. Where has Derek gone? I can't be bothered with watching this page without tDerek's cock teasing.
  2. Another lesbian snooze fest with rather sad guys.
  3. Oh good...Kali turned up and spoilt it all.
  4. Correction it's not Kali...it;s some rather run-of-the-mill looking bird,...but she still has 2 rather hot looking guys with her.
  5. Hugo is such a Mr Tim-Nice-But-Dim. I am so fed up up of these strip to our guys in their panties and then get dressed again parties.
  6. I have to admit, I never watch this page because I find Grace such a turn off.
  7. Kali has 2 good looking guys with her...this is so going to go tits up.
  8. Oh lord Alan-wish-i-had a fanny-is here.
  9. This group strip down to your knickers and no more is so so so lame...and on a side note hugo puts me so much in mind of Mr Tim-nice-but-dim.
  10. I think Jabbath has blocked me since I cannot see anything he has posted (on this or an other page)...but come on guys crank it up a bit It's almost interesting
  11. It's got to be said, but Derek does seem to like his girls on the XXXXL size,
  12. Archi and Alibaba in bed....oh, come on guys, lets see a bit of male bonding.
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