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  1. I really like their shows. I don't like people who talks shit about the girls or complaint about the apartment.
  2. Hi Scutus, i just watched the Feb 2020 replays and yes i saw the then new toy (the black one) that has suction cup. I believe this is the toy that she used when she attached it to bed. But the new toy she used recently has no suction cup and is very similar to the pink toy, do you have any info about that toy.. she seem to like it..
  3. ok, i saw her putting something in the drawer. I thought it was lube or lotion because it was white and looked like a lotion tube, but it could be that the new toy may have been in a white pouch. Thanks for the info!
  4. When did the new black toy arrive to Leora's drawer?
  5. Pulo: What time yesterday the new toy arrived? I didn't see it..
  6. Thanks to Leora, it was very nice scene once again.. and w/ dildo in place.
  7. Yep Please do share, I would really like to see old Leora pictures/videos. I've been watching her 2018
  8. Does anyone know what apps is she using on her Iphone? A lot of Instagram for sure but i'm always wondering what app is she using when she gets aroused? Is she watching videos or pictures.. i've been watching leora now for nearly 2yrs and it's very difficult to see what is she doing with her phone..
  9. Oh my god! I have missed all the Wingtsun videos execpt this last one.. :(, i was away in August and just now saw this topic. goddamn me! Is WT by any chance making any collection from the old videos yearly, like videos 2015, videos 2016, videos 2017..? I would really like see old Leora, i started seeing Leora in Dec 2017 so the old videos look kinda awesome 🙂
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