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Guest Squirrel

The cutie in the pic with Lowes in the background is hot.Where were girls like this 40 years ago.

She just made a new wallpaper for my desktop.

She got replaced by a crowd of illegal alien Mexican dudes who hang around the Lowe's and Home Depot parking lots soliciting their services for yard work and unskilled construction work.

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And they come in handy too, when you have a big job to get done. I've put a few of them to work. I get a good days work out of them and pay a good days wage.

I always said that if you have to deport anyone, deport the lazy, resourse sucking blacks back to Africa. I'll take a hard working Mexican anyday. He's here to provide for his family the traditional way. Not the modern black way with their hands out.

Yeah, I know I'll here the shit for this too, but there are good and bad in every race, color and creed.

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Guest Squirrel

Yeah, I know I'll here the shit for this too.

You fucking betcha right, dude. The "here" should be "hear." This is primarily an English language forum, ya know!

I be givin yo a -1 for dat, mo'fo'!

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