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On 5/13/2018 at 1:38 AM, sat11 said:

@voyeur-villa is this mean no more VV apartments only independent apt.? with out someone in charge {managers or VV} activity goes down.

Well, it a difficult question. The independent apartments here are also managed by us. Certainly, we can not ask them to buy more cameras, as the investments are totally theirs, but we can tell them what is going wrong in their apartments and what subscribers think about them. Give them advises as well. It's our mutual goal to win more clients. And from that point of view, this business model look even better, because the tenants are trying to earn more money and not just receive the salary. 

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2 minutes ago, VoyeurVillaNews said:

Yes, the guys decided to stop broadcasting. They thought they would get more visitors in one week.

Did you give them advice how to place cams before? Because with that setup it was no surprise nobody watched them except maybe people deeply in love with ceilings 🙄

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