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The official Welcome Back Lexy & Pete Thread!

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Lexy and Pete seem like they're a big hit with us here at CamCaps and we've all shared our appreciation for their return on various forums across the site. I figured it would be appropriate to create an official welcoming wagon for their triumphant return.

I for one look forward to their further adventures and hope these two become a staple. Their small tenure has already brought us a ton of memorable moments and I look forward to many more.

One of the reasons I'm such a fan of theirs is because I've yet to see either one of them show any sort of drama or vitriol towards any of the other VH guests. It's a rarity but it looks like these two are actually here to just have themselves a good time.


So lets all raise a glass!  За здоровье!!

Note: I don''t speak any language except for really terrible Americanized English. So if that toast is wrong I apologize in advance lol.

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