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  1. I do know how it looks like 😅 But somehow I feel ashamed, even in front of myself when there's a bit hair (maybe smth psychological that comes from childhood, dunno). On the other hand I want to make some style down there. I could become brave enough for that 😉 Lexy 😘
  2. When our life path crosses with other people’s path and we become friends and we invite them over 😊
  3. Its allright. And I am perfectly fine 😁
  4. My standard heart beat is 120. Some times its higher. I have regular heart scan checks. Everything is fine now I had heart attacks before . Thank you so much for your concerns. I hoped no body would notice but...
  5. We used the Jacuzzi 4 times before today and everything was fine. I don’t what happened today that caused the leak. No damages at all. Floor is totally fine. Neighbor heard the music and thought to come and say Hi. Instead he saw the whole leak situation. Anyway everything is fine We cleaned and laughed Party continues. Thank you all for your concern and support ❤️
  6. Family visit. They will be back after tomorrow.
  7. Lisa&Grant will return after tomorrow to us.
  8. They will stay with us for 2-4 weeks and then unfortunately leave VH.
  9. It was so stressful to find a good place while knowing we have a deadline. And lots of apartments rented because of the World Cup.
  10. They are well and happy, most probably you will see them in our new place. Little handsome Alex is in perfect health.
  11. Our Jacuzzi definitely won’t be empty during the parties. We wanted a Jacuzzi in Budapest but we didn’t get the opportunity to use it, The last week was so stressful for us, we spent 10 days or more looking for an apartment that we like. Finally we found it. The apartment is unique in every way. Just like the way we wanted it to be. The cam setup hopefully will be perfect, we have A&A assisting us.
  12. Here a glimpse of our apartment.
  13. We just booked our apartment. Hopefully we will be live 8th-10th. We are so excited we thought to share with you. ❤️
  14. She is just under alot of stress. Well we are all.