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  1. Heeyy how is our favorite forum doing? Miss you all, thank you for the topic, you are awesome, we have been soo busy for the last few months, we appreciate your comments and support like we always did, hopefully everyone is doing well! Cheers Lexy&Pete
  2. Such a question. I worked as a junior cabin crew in Dubai in United Arab Emirates. That time I was living with my friends after I got a divorce with ex. So no one was washing our clothes. I got called for a Standby and had to go to a flight. Had to wear the same socks as previous flight. The same socks I wore for the lest 3 flights. We were sitting in the briefing room and the senior was wondering from where the bad smell comes from. We boarded the aircraft then I went to the (lavatory) I washed my socks then came out, but everyone knew it was me, the smelly one. I was just a Junior that time.
  3. Disclaimer: Its a free forum. Free speech. My opinion don’t reflect opinion of others neither I answer on an official capacity. 1.big fat YES 2.a big NO 3.last question answered before
  4. I dunno what to say honestly...I am overwhelmed by your words..can’t thank you enough. ❤️
  5. unfortunately I can’t answer your first 2 questions for reasons we both know. we never lied to a guest. Actually we requested to go offline multiple times because our guests didn’t feel comfortable to be under cams and its one of the reasons why we had very few guests.
  6. Definitely this one. Budapest apartment was Outstanding but we had hard time to make friends.
  7. Thank you for the compliment. For the last 4 years I have been a Stock/Forex trader. Last year in December I decided to take a long break. And one thing led to another so we joined the project. Its been a nice experience to be in the Project but we don’t plan to do it again.
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