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VHTV have many houses from diferent managers,what's your favourite?


What's your favorite Manager and houses.  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. VHTV have many houses from many managers,what's your favourite?

    • Alex&Lina houses.
    • Alex&Anna houses.
    • Jeka houses.
    • George houses.
    • Ary&George House.
    • Mary(Maria)House.
    • Zack houses.
    • Gia&Antony house.
    • Mira&Henry houses.
    • Hector&Marla House.

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47 minutes ago, moos54 said:

I do not watch VHTV, I just live it through the forum
but from what I see and what I know, Anna and Alex without hesitation

Seems Anna&Alex have a lottt of fans,they are in VH as residents and then as Managers(or always both things,not sure)for ages,they also have and had some good houses.Personaly they aren't in my top three managers(probarby the residents of them i like more Its Lexy&Pete) But indeed they are an important part of site.

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Objectively difficult to choose.

A&L - I sometimes watch only Dana&Chris. But they have Clara. Ella. Perhaps the most beautiful girl on the project now - Clair. I do not like in their approach only - excessively large rotation and empty apartments at start.

A&A - like first love. But what now? Lexy&Pete, Em&Sia, Anastasia, Courtney... All old guard - left VH or be in bad form.

Jeka - Grace&Jacob nice apt now.

George - star days are behind, but it's not bad. Kira - intensively reboots apartment. Nina - now a little sick, but overall good. Polly - they stagnate - yes.

Zack - there are Zack&Juliet&Selma. Other people just make it difficult to made good content. At the moment this is so. But overall, I know Ruby have fans. And parties (unfortunately empty) - too, create the necessary movement and interest.

Mira&Henry - well they have 2 nice apartments. Roberta - who wants good, varied and hot sex in this life period (not just for cams). And the hot beautiful Darcie.

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I still think(in my tastes)George is the best manager,but kinda feel that his days of amazing houses are now past,Nina&Alan are an far cry of past days(Serena was an big miss),and with Foxy&kira he had an truly unique,exciting place that nowdays Its Just an regular place with nothing special.But still..good cams positions,not a lot blind spots,houses more or less active.But all managers had/have at some point some really good places,well with the exception of Miami place(never was minimal good).

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