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Iza & Peter


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Some of them randomly disappear for awhile and then suddenly reappear after being gone for weeks. It's happened with Zac lately. Maya was gone for a long time, then randomly came back and now she's gone again. Now Iza has left and she will most likely be  back eventually. Not sure what it's all about but it's not new.

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What in the actual fuck is going on there. They both wanted the fuck the other lady then Iza let Peter fuck her and while he was fucking the lady, she sat on the ground and played with the dog then all of a sudden started to yell and insult Peter real hardcore. She then threw a wine bottle at him (it hit the wall) and now she's throwing a massive fit. She's wasted.

Iza is a nutcase and a half, jesus christ.

Most I've been entertained in a while I must say though.

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1 minute ago, happyboy said:

agreed....can we say "green eyed monster"?


It's crazy how they speak english yet I have no idea what the hell is going on. The conversation they are having makes no sense whatsoever.

I can understand the russians and romanians in other sites/apartments better and I don't even speak these languages lol

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