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Leora & Paul General Chat Topic 2019 #3


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18 minutes ago, DARKJOKER666 said:

I have that happen occasionally also. For example right now the site loads just fine but all the preview cams below are turned off completely. I can watch any cam if I click on it but just can't see multiples up at once.

Most likely they're fiddling around with something on the site at the moment. Just speaking from working in IT for over 20 years I can assure you that nothing ever goes smoothly when you're trying to update a server or add a feature. And yes it sometimes has an impact on a regional area.

But if this problem persists I would def be demanding a refund of some sort for services not being rendered.

Thanks right now it's 3:52 p.m. my time I'm at the store I'm about to go and get something to eat to take back home but before I left I left the site still trying to load and hopefully without much hope it will have loaded by time I get home and reading the information you just wrote I'm hoping that's the case that they are updating or doing something that may be causing this slow down on my end

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