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Stella - is back in B2 for her stay #4 - fan page

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Stella is back for her stay #4

Stella #3 and Leo 09.01.2019 10.02.2019 B3 33
Stella #1 15.08.2016 22.09.2016 B1 39    
Stella #1 22.09.2016 10.10.2016 B2 19 57 From B1
Stella #2 18.02.2017 05.05.2017 B1 77    
Stella #4 18.07.2019 18.07.2019 B2 1    
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Any residents should only apear in cams,return a max of three times.What new or interesting thing can a girl that returned for 4 times do..watch her naked..We only seen that a bunch of time..bates..seen her doing it again..a bunch of times.Gess next is line of recycling is Gina(again zzzzz).

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