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Clarice & Sean (2019) Part #1

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Wow. The most epic realm in the project was allowed to give Clarice & Sean. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to set a new level of epic in this realm. By the way - A&A hard swingers, Bree&Drew hard swingers, Em&Sid LoL - all make mistakes A&A too, Lexy&Pete - hard swingers, Lisa like living as an additional tenant. Courtney - hard swinger/free girl. C&S are second (after Em and Sid) - not hard swingers in this realm.





bandicam 2019-05-18 21-06-56-771.jpg

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It's nice to see them but in a couple of day's I will feel sad for them from the amount of crap that will get posted here about why they aren't doing this or that and how boring they are because of this reason or that reason.

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