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Leora - General Chat Topic October/November 2019 #9


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25 minutes ago, esanders9863 said:

 Why am I having a strong feeling that our princess has left the project, and of course, I hope I'm wrong

Although it’s a similar scenario to June 18 when RLC shut down the Russian premises, I don’t think it is the same, at least I would hope it’s not. 
They are stating that it’s internet connection problems....quite feasible!...and she had stocked up with some food in the fridge, so I’m more hopeful this time. But having said that, RLC are not the most open of operators, if history is to be taken into consideration,  but I think this could be genuine.


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Since I don't believe they are working now...

 ...It sounds very strange that it takes 24 hours to solve an internet issue .... not in a remote village, but in the Capital of a European Union country .....(sad... sad...)

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Leora's conversation with Paul upon her return...

Paul:  How was your vacation in Prague?

Leora:  It was nice, the same old same old.

Paul:  Did you meet anyone or spend time with anyone while you were there?

Leora:  Well, let's just say that the guys in Prague know how to make a girl happy and leave it at that!

Paul:  Yes my goddess.

Leora:  That's better and don't you ever forget it!!

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