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B2 Girls on Vacation - General Topic 2019 November #2 / December #1

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48 minutes ago, menouscope2015 said:

Just noticed Blair is back ... Also seen that she had a new boob job !  To be honest, the result is much better than what she had before, even if it is obvious ... 


Different but still unnatural and out of place. It's really a shame what all these plastic surgeries do to light-glazed girls. 😫

Anyway, Two or three more surgeries and she's ready to accept the final challenge.





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4 minutes ago, Noldus said:

I think she probably washed it sometimes 😉
How often do you wash your pants?

Obviously not saying it wasn't washed out(that was of course)but already seen her six months using the dam dam pijama,now more three.

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6 minutes ago, happyone said:

So what--some of us don't buy clothes all the time and still have some from 5-10 years ago (even if they don't fit) 😏

(Even if they don't fit),dude talk about yourself,still use my pijama from when i was 20 and still fits perfectly,for reallll😛.

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