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Ann, Also Know as Akathome

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Here's a short vid from tonight

genau, stimmt! Ann has become famous stellvertretend für alle hirnlosen Weiber die sich schamlos im Internet zeigen und hinterher im Selbstmitleid versinken wenn sie virtuell angegriffen werden.

tut tut, i think someones spat their dummy out  ;D .

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Screen cap from a nice hula. I wish she would get a better cam/more bandwidth. Oh, well.

I couldn't even stand to watch her today.  The "stop-motion" video and that god-awful music!  I was going to record it, but I gave up after about 5 minutes.

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What on gods earth possesses an old lady like her to get up half naked and hula hoop on cam?

Does she earn money from the site?

Two very good questions!

Why does she do those things on cam and does she get some kind of payment from ww.com?  I'll address the last question first.

We can't know for sure, but I think it is possible.  She has been on that site for more than 10 years.  She has had direct and personal dealings with the site owner.  She has continued, over those 10 years to be a big draw for viewers.  Some of those viewers, I'm sure, have gone on to become paying customers.  Now, I'm not certain Ann is smart enough to translate her popularity into cash, but I believe the owner is smart enough to make some kind of deal with her.

Now, as to why she does it, I think there are many reasons - some of them conflicting or reasons that would be illogical, even psychotic, to some of us.

To be honest, I want you all to know that I'm not a psychiatrist or anything like that.  But I do consider myself a good judge of character and I am able to take in information from a variety of sources and process it.

But, back to Ann:

1.  We know she has spent a very long time on cam.  It can be said to be a habit or even a compulsion for her.  The only time she is not on cam - sometimes all day - is when she is not at home.

2.  We know she has done solo sexual exhibitions.  I've seen videos of her using a dildo on herself.

3.  She was the target of a stalker.  This is general knowledge that is available from reading what she has written on her cam page and from information on the site's Stalker Alert page.

4.  At some point, she got the opinion that porn is bad.  That porn makes men do bad things.  That women are victims of porn.  Perhaps the attention of the stalker was traced to the porn she did on cam.  But even with that opinion, she still engages in activity that some would consider porn, if only softcore and not hardcore.

When I put all that together, along with other things I know about her, I see a woman who is confused.  She has a desire - a compulsion - to exhibit herself, but she doesn't like the things she's done in the past.  I think she satisfies her compulsion by being convinced that her "hula hoop" show isn't really that bad.  Or that it's not as bad as what she's done before.  That it's not porn, even if she shows her tits and pussy.

I once said in a post that I could probably write a book about Ann, and this post could be one chapter.  There's more I could write about her - like her obsession with her weight, her relationship with that guy she's living with, and other things.  Maybe I'll write that book, but some other day.

"JohnRoss, don't you think you are kind of obsessed with Ann?"

"Who, me?  I'm not obsessed."  "I'm NOT!"  "I tell you, I'M NOT OBSESSED!!!"  "LEAVE ME ALONE!!"


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die Frage beantworte ich mit:

dieses Mädchen ist krank im Kopf. Nix anderes. Sie leidet an einem Drang zur Selbstdarstellung und teilweise Schizophrenie (wenn man ihre Aussagen über pornos liest - und sie dann solche teilweise abliefert). Wen - um Himmels Willen - interessiert es eigentlich, sie zu beobachten wie sie den ganzen Tag (meistens auch noch im Morgenmantel) auf dem Sofa sitzt und dämlich grinsend in ihren Laptop sieht?

Was sie bei ihren gelegentlichen "shows" abliefert ist Geschmacksache. Ich persönlich finde es grausig wie sie ihre dicken Euter zeigt.

Und der hula hoop Tanz mit ihrer "Gebetshaltung" und vor allem den x-förmig nach aussen gestellten Beinen ist ein göttlicher Anblick für Orthopäden! Die würden die Hände über dem Kopf zusammenschlagen. Mich wundert es, dass dieses Mädchen noch keine Meniskus Probleme hat.

Aber: wem es gefällt...der kann ja schauen! ::)

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Good assessment John. Initially I thought the whole hula hoop thing was a type of fitness routine, but I guess you're right that she uses it as an opportunity to tease. I didn't know she had been on the site for so long. Who is the guy that's with?

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itsme: this man has brought Ann to UK and I guess he is paying all for her subsistence. She loves him not for sure. He kisses and caresses her. But she looks bored in her laptop....she is such a indolent woman.

From talking to other people on ww.com, I have the same understanding about her boyfriend.

The thing that bothers me about that guy is that he is always trying to get her to do stuff on cam.  He tries to get her naked.  Plays with her pussy and tits.  She, on the other hand, resists.  But I don't think he really wants to do anything like have sex on cam - or maybe he knows she'll blow her top if he tries to do anything like that.

Frankly, I think he's just as crazy as she is.

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