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Twitter says that's her boyfriend. 

Occasionally yes she does. Usually when she is flat on her back in bed with a massive prick pounding her fanny. She is one of the very few women on this site who really does have an orgasm. Best of all you can always here it as well as see it. She may have a lot of faults but for these reasons alone I think she is one of the most entertaining women on VHTV. At least its better than some bimbo sitting in front of a camera with her legs wide apart pretending to have a wank all day long. Sorry

That would be very interesting reading. It seems Misty knew most of her visitors as she was much friendlier with them than Molly. Some would even stay overnight and not have sex till the next day. And she would often make out with the guys. And no women I know would make out with a stranger, but I'm a good girl so what do I know😇  

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1 minute ago, jjkopite said:

Offline? Disappeared from list.

Was on earlier with some other women with her after her usual couple left and next looked she was gone, god knows why she ain't in the offline list?

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