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Do you wish the bush would come back into style?


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I go for a nice pencil thin landing strip. A mouthful of Bush would bring back unhappy memories of gagging on a loose hair!

A redhead bush was always the most interesting as it was so rare (a bit like a red squirrel!). Blonde ones were always the most prized. 'Matching collars and cuffs' as the Brits would say! Men will always prefer blondes!!!

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I prefer closely trimmed and taken care of, or shaved properly. Going down on a 3 day old growth is hell on the face and lips. I say that because I absofuckinglutely LOVE to eat pussy. If you're going to shave, maintain it. But a wild bush? Nah, it retains the smell and taste of stale pee. What could be more of a turn off. Unless you're into that sort of stuff.

It's like a woman going down on an uncut guy that doesn't maintain hygiene. It ruins the moment. Like the first impression, if it's bad, you'll remember it forever.

I'm a stickler for personal cleanliness, and close to a germophobe. Some of the old expressions hold true. But if it smells like fish, it needs soap and water.

To answer the original question. NO!!!

@Van... I've been married to a real redhead for 25 years. It's super fine hair compared to a dark haired woman. Real blonds are rarer than redheads in my findings. Mine's also a Mick. Redhead, pale skin and blue eyes.

Men prefer blondes because they look cleaner. It's a hidden thought in their brains.

If I could just find a blonde Oriental... Hmmm.

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Guest Squirrel

I'm not particularly fond of having my teeth flossed by a fur burger, or having my dick scoured clean by a Brillo soap pad.

Must I post this again? Yes, I think I will!

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Guest Squirrel

Buddy, I'd hit all 4 of the girls in the pics.

There is no such thing as bad sex. Some is just better than others.

OK, let's see how you do with this one:
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