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Elmira - new girl in B4 - fan page

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Eyes that look like heaven, lips like sherry wine
That girl can sure enough make my little light shine
I get a funny feelin', up and down my spine
Cause I know that my Elmira's mine
Tonight I'm gonna meet her, at the hungry house cafe
And I'm gonna give her all the love I can
She's gonna jump and holler, 'cause I saved up my last two dollars
We're gonna search and find that preacher man
Now I'm a singin'
My heart's on fire Elmira
Giddy up oom poppa omm poppa mow mow
Giddy up oom poppa omm poppa mow mow
Heigh-ho silver, away
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Just now, Generic_Courage said:

hey guys, sorry I usually don't follow the apartments with a large number of guests living in them mostly because it's too many people. BUT, this new short girl with the dark hair, is this Elmira? WOW! She's hotter than hell!

The girl in the kitchen is Ariana, she lives in B1 

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