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Leora & Malia - Home Activities #14


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10 minutes ago, patou said:

A t il une raison qu'elle ne retire pas le verre de denis et elle ne range pas la couette du canapé

Semplicemente le ragazze sono pigre, Leora sopratutto. è da 3 ore che sta attaccata al telefono...

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2 hours ago, Ste said:

Nothing wrong with Dennis other than he's still been ridiculed for one drunken night

As if it hasn't happened to us all at one time or other and who was pouring the drink

into him ????

Exactly .. but we read here that they don’t like him because they ignore him while he’s there .I have seen that twice they had dinner all together , he was asked to massage the girls , ok , maybe they don’t have common things to discuss , but as with everyone else Leora isn’t bringing anyone in her castle , he is the only one allowed when she could have easily denied  him to visit after the first time or anytime after visiting in general  . He is still welcomed , this is a fact and a proof . If the girls show disrespect by ignoring him or anything similar , it isn’t his fault , I haven’t personally seen him behaving in any way bad except the first time that he got drunk , a pure normal human thing to happen as you very right mention . 

But this was the period that Malia wasn’t so open with cameras and she was still kind of shy and it was like he was misbehaving to nun Malia 😂🤣😂🤣

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2 hours ago, esanders9863 said:

One thing is for sure with this guy, unfortunately he will never have the opportunity of having sex with either of these females, but one thing is in his favor, they are comfortable enough to be around him, without wearing any panties, so eventually one of them will purposely or more likely accidentally flash some goodness towards his eyes, but even for that type of luck with these two, he shouldn't hold his breath

Just for the camera views .. 

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