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US General Domestic Politics #39 Begins 11/14/21.

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5 hours ago, StnCld316 said:

Trudeau's going to the US this week.  Biden likely wants to scrap the USMCA Deal as he wants to revert back to the Paris Accord that Trump took America out of. 

Trudeau & biden are the same they both want to hurt their people 

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18 minutes ago, SPYING 1 said:

Trudeau & biden are the same they both want to hurt their people 

I know Trudeau does, he keeps feeding us this climate bullshit story and wasting billions on something he has no control over.  The biggest emitters are all these politicians travelling around the world on jets and accomplishing nothing. They've been tackling this climate shit for the last 20 years and we are no better off today then we were back then but they still seem find it they need billions of tax dollars to waste on it.  Even if Climate Change was too happen something so big and catastrophic as doomsday won't come for another 200+ years.  Everyone alive on this earth now will be dead and gone long before, so why give a shit about something further down the road where you wouldn't know who anyone is. The Poles are changing that's what climatic and for Canada to have it's cold harsh winters disappear would suit me just fine because all of the ones on the other side of the globe will suddenly be covered in the white shit.  

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