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When I look at specific topics I usually see that members tend to start commenting about something other than the topic at hand. Well sometimes it is good reading and/or funny but it does get frustrating when it goes on for quite a while. Even I can go off topic at times. Some members and mods will step in and say "enough is enough" or "get back to the specific topic". So the "light bulb moment" happened. Now I finally realized (better late than never for us slow - duh, airheads - lol) that most members might only focus on one favorite forum topic and won't switch topics to talk about other stuff. Some stick with Leora only or a certain Barca hostel or some other forum topic. So now I know why the specific topics end up going "off topic" which usually happens when things slow down about that topic.

At xcamfan, the chat room comments generally cover all Barca places and perhaps a few other topics but only about 1 to 7 members participating at one time, if that. Members using the forum topics usually stay within each specific topic so generally as a rule those rarely ever go off topic.

The VHTV Forum topics almost ALWAYS go off topic and mix apartment participants which makes a mess of trying to read all the useless shit talk. The forum topics are so confusing to follow and so much bickering back and forth.

At camcaps everyone goes off topic at one time or another so if I go off topic - leave me the fuck alone" - 🤣.

As I have told everyones's favorite Camcaps Admin, StnCld316, many times that as long as members are participating "it's a good thing". Give some slack and encourage members to join the talk - don't facepalm or discourage them. Doesn't hurt to be polite when letting others know if and when they go off topic since regular long-time members are the major culprits. It is the nature of how camcaps forums work that tends to lead to going off topic. It is what it is and we need to accept this.

      Welcome members with open arms

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