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Who remembers Alice & Will?


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5 hours ago, Catmaster said:

Does anyone remember a RLC couple called Alice & Will? They might have been in Barcelona or in the newer Russian apartments with with the 2 couples mode. 


Now they are new on Voyeur Hub.

There has never been a couple on RLC called Alice and Will and from the little that I have just seen on the site, I do not think that they were participants of RLC, in my opinion you may confuse being with VHTV seen I see there is Clara and Stas on this site and they are former VHTV tenants

There have also never been apartments with several couples in Russia, only in Spain as COV, and they have never been among the participants

Afterwards if you manage to have a better image than what I am looking at, maybe I can give you better information but for the moment I remain on the opinion that they have never participated in RLC, than this either under the name of Alice and Will or others

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4 hours ago, StnCld316 said:

They're up to 3 Apartments now. 


Should I start a Board or wait till they show a 4th Apartment?  

As a free cammer I only catch them once in a while. If anyone has a subscription maybe they might say more but so far very little posted in the VoyeurHub topic. Even VHTV doesn't get much attention especially with having over 40 apartments/houses/realms.

Maybe wait for a bit to see how it plays out over the next few weeks. Up to others though.

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