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Leora & Paul - Home Activities (2023) #9


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2 hours ago, RAME said:

Leora is always a pretty girl, she's perfect and she'll piss me off if she leaves one day because of some idiot who's messing everything up.

He may be an idiot in some peoples eyes but he is LEORA'S idiot, she wanted him to join her so it's her choice.

Apart from the couple of times he showed domestic violence toward her in the past they seem to be content with each other, so the fact he may curtail certain activities within the apartment that don't satisfy viewers our opinion means nothing whatsoever.

Its worth remembering that eventually Leora will "read the room" and either ignore it and shut down even more or do what she is very good at which is reinvent herself which will cause membership to increase for a period.

It's also worth remembering that not all expressions of like or dislike of Leora and Paul either by written posts or emojis are neccessarily true feelings, take for instance the man 🦨🦨 who thought he was king but had his crown slapped of his head when he started a fight he wasn’t man enough to win,he posts infantile emojis in unwavering support of L & P and to try and remain relevent,but in reallity he hates Paul like a jealous lover and expressed a view two years ago that Leora was a spent force and he was tired of her......Who would have thought such a thing 😁


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51 minutes ago, jimbo4 said:

they seem to be content with each other

I could never understand why the dislike toward him

but I tend not to look when they are together

he does stay on the computer and tinkers with some devices

and i guess it's either school or work

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29 minutes ago, pulo filipe said:

Leora in bed Masturbation with fingers 

and it was lovely

some may say the same ole stuff

but I like seeing her bits swell and that opening to heaven for a short time when visable

I can only say, hope she cums because it makes no sense to fake it when you don't have to

and when the ass is front and center

lube and push slowly


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