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Which Gives Leora the Best Orgasms AND Sexual Satisfaction?

Which Gives Leora the Best Orgasms AND Sexual Satisfaction?  

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  1. 1. In your opinion, through observations, which of these three gives Leora the best orgasms AND sexual satisfaction?

    • Sexy Teasing, Masturbation and Intentional Performances for Her Adoring Subscribers/Fans/Viewers
    • Paul
    • For Leora to be Totally Fulfilled, She Needs Both Her Sexy Performances for Her Fans AND Sex with Paul.

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My vote was for the first option. I believe Leora looks forward to doing her cam shows and spends more time working up to her orgasms. It helps that she must have great imaginations and fantasies to get so heated up and often. She rarely has an orgasm from sex with Paul or minor orgasms to the point of masturbating shortly afterwards. Paul only cares about cumming. Paul is necessary to fill the void with his cock but he doesn't fully satisfy her. She craves cock and needs a man. A dildo completes it for her. So, I believe Leora has her biggest orgasms and is totally sexually satisfied by performing for her loyal followers as if she is having sex with every one of them. After having quick sex with Paul, to me, Leora looks "in want of more" or unfinished business. With her fans she appears "spent" after having her strong orgasms.

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9 hours ago, SOMHO2000 said:

I do not think Paul has or had a roll with this issue.. Her orgasm is way far from this guy .. 

private Masturbation  and  orgasm is her own private world

Paul doesn't have a flipping clue how to make a female orgasm. After 10 years and he still can't get it right.

Lets just hope the two of them never ever procreate. Don't need any clones of Paul the Nose Picker.   

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On 5/4/2023 at 3:41 PM, dougiestyle4u said:

Paul the Nose Picker and Nail Biter. Wonder what any female RLC subscribers or female camcaps members think of Paul?

I just hope he bite's his nail's Before he pick's his nose...not the other way round.             bbc three episode 3 GIF by BBC  but knowing Paul it might just happen.

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