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Yep,.. Everyday is amateur night now.   

And just to show you how lowbrow and stupid some can be.  There was this pig of a girl who wanted to impress her friends on how loud and how long she could fart.  So she inserted a straw attached to a compressed co2 canister into her ass prior to her great debut.  But it caused her to bleed internally and she died.

That actually happened.  So you see, Nature is doing it's part in trying to eliminate some of it's mistakes.

It just isn't moving fast enough for my liking. 

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They need to consider the other person and their reaction before pulling some shit like that. There are a lot of people in the U.S. walking around with various classes of Concealed Carry Permits.

If I'm walking along the beach and someone wants a pic, I just say sorry, I don't do technology and keep walking. You get some dickhead to rise out of the sand with a whiteface mask on and I'm thinkin', 'Good Night Irene'. We'll talk about the joke after he's dead.

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Even if they took you to court,it would be a no win situation because what are they gonna say "oh we were just trying to prank him,when he shot us"I think that they scout some of these locations to make sure that these people are not too dangerous ,but eventually their luck will run out.



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