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a cheating guest

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i say do not leave bodgan along with this guest he was with her last night otherwise he may cheat on nelly but it will be fun to see but if he cheats on nelly we may see the end of this couple on rlc

I don't want to see the end of them as a couple. They're one of the best right now. Nelly is a voyeur's dream.  :)

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What exactly did you see that implies he may remotely want to cheat with this girl? - I've been working a lot lately so i haven't seen much, but the few times I've viewed them. He didn't seem to have much interest in her. - So I'm just curious.

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I think you could be spot on, she was sleeping on the fold up lounge and Nelly and Bogdon where on a matress on the floor, I went into the room at 0419am their time....the girl was wide awake and just staring at Bogdon...creepy as f***. Hope they toss her out.

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