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Why the obsession with shaving 'heaven'...'honey pot'

Angelikas Desire

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It goes both ways. My wife thinks a jungle is gross. Shaving completely here where I live is very uncomfortable, but a nicely trimmed area on both of us seems to work fine. I have enough hair on the rest of me.

Now, if it would only grow on my head like it does on my chest.

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Aesthetically shaved. I don't need to look at more hair. Hair belongs on the head and should never have migrated elsewhere. But if I'm expected to (OK I like to) perform downstairs then anyway I'm going to lick better be free of the jungle and I keep myself well trimmed as a courtesy to any ladies paying me a visit.

Throughout ancient history upper class  women used to shave their growler because they knew it was the right thing to do.

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