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Yesterday I I found Adriana in my gym.

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yo si te creo amigo , ella frecuenta gimnasios , muchas veces lo han dicho y seguro que es uno de los mas conocidos ¿cierto? si te interesa por mensaje pm te puedo decir donde viven . carina y sabrina tambien y carla y mario tambien lo se .

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Its my first post and its kinda weird to write here but I just want to know you're oppinion about this!

PS: Its totally true, it was she :haha:

Ok, let's say it's actually 100% true, and personally I have no reason to say it isn't.

I would then carefully avoid putting on this site anything that allows another human being to understand when/what/who/why.

Else, you break the toy.

And, again, personally, I think she is a charming lady, with personality and imagination in bed, and one hot body.

And would not want to break the toy. 

Enjoy her view in the gym (lucky you!!), but keep any detail for yourself.


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Well, sorry guys. I feel like this post its being kinda ofensive for some people. I just make it because I want to know your opinion because its the first time something like this happens to me  :idk:

If you look at the title on the thread then you can see why you got some of the answers you did.

(Yesterday I found Adriana in my gym.  Maybe if you explain yourself and tell them how, then the responses might not have been kinda offensive)

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