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élection de la reine 2015 de RLC et ses dauphines


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The "regrets" aspect of the question is confusing.

I regret losing the first round of Nora. I even regret losing Lora -- not the body type I go for, but she was clean, efficient, and she had a cool cat. Certainly Alina was capable of an Eastern sensual erotic mystique. Definitely miss Diana.

Currently, Leora is queen, Maya is sort of a wise old Prime Ministress at this point, Dasha is cute, Zoya is occasionally interesting (usually sans company and Lev), but somehow, Nelly and Masha are growing on me because they are uniquely attractive in their own way.

I think we've got a lack of pets. Maya's cats are still fun; Maya's dog is still a loyal old friend; and Carla's kitten is terrific. Fucking Scooter is always in the way and the Skunk & I are still pissed she picked Scooter for a pet instead of us. Dammit.

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Guest TxFeller

Choose 3 nominees for queen and list 1 regret... HMmmmmm...

1. Leora, 2. Carla, and 3. Zoya.......... regret having lost K&K without ANY doubt.  :'(

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