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Kamila and Kristy ~ Pictures May 01, 2016. to May 31, 2016.

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This Thread is for Pictures & Comments Relating to the Pictures


Commenting is allowed but it is to pertain to the Topic of the Pictures that have been Posted.

Any Comments that are not about the Pictures Posted must be placed in the General Chat Thread for this Apartment or an Appropriate Thread that is for the Subject at hand.

Any Comments or Quotes placed that are not about the Pictures will be removed.

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10 minutes ago, Beldonn1 said:

The smile of Kristy when she reached the holy center of Kami...

On cam, there is a little progress since Barcelona, Kritsy is allowed to touch,a little  now. So wait and see, even if just the fact of seeing both of them together like that is per se almost enough. We have on RLC two couples of hardcore lesbians and that is not always nice to look at... Boys are kinder.

Other subject, I enlarged to a max the round grey spots seen on night cams : there is nothing in it, no spying device. Nothing seems to have change since RLC took a new player.

Better enlarge it again and look above Kristy's left shoulder and just to the right of that one!

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The Comments that followed after this post have been moved over to the General Discussion Thread. I think it would be more appropriate to carry the conversation there as opposed to the Picture Thread.

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