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  1. That masturbation on the bed today was just awesome. The way she looks into the camera is incredibly hot. I'd give an arm and a leg just to be in the same room with her when she orgasms. A man could live on those memories (and smells) for a long time.
  2. After all these years, Leora is still the one I watch the most. Won't ever get tired of her. I wouldn't want to tell her what to do, but if I had one wish it's that she looks directly into the camera during orgasm, once at least. That would make my day.
  3. Probably not so important since it's been a while since that reply, but her name is Leia.
  4. My advice is to let it go. Harley will never change, can never change. And the mods will always have his back, heaven knows why. All he has to do is say the magic words "rights" or "freedom" or something to that effect, as if that has anything to do with this place. Keep your sanity and give him a wide berth.
  5. You're probably watching the wrong apartments if you want dick. That slip-up aside, it's a pretty vile thing to say that you wouldn't mind seeing Renata getting raped. You're a fucking disgrace.
  6. How much is VHTV paying CC? They are getting the premium service here. Moved to the top of the forums, competitions based on CC activity, ad banners and the almost constant complaining about RLC and praise of VHTV from you mods. You're not doing it out of the goodness of your hearts, so much much money are we talking about?
  7. I hope the girls stay indoors today. The Catalan independence voting is a bit chaotic with clashes between voters and police. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-41457238
  8. You want to watch just sex? Try PornHub, they got way more than VHTV or RLC ever will, all free. Edit: I see someone already posted almost exactly what I wrote, but I'll leave it as it is, since it's true.
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