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  1. Shag: Alec Marry: Mickey Avoid: Scott like the plague. 😷
  2. Tom does porn!!! Must be short scenes then. Vita is sexy and could do so much better.
  3. Started another countdown but nothing been mentioned on the twitter.
  4. Everyone performs to some extent. Just part of knowing you are on camera and being watched. Comes down to how obvious they make it. The extra incentive doesn't really help.
  5. It's VHTV! How much is normal or reality?
  6. Vicky

    Leora & Malia Show

    Think I will pass.
  7. So much more real and passionate. Not as staged and purposely for the cameras like so many others.
  8. Absolutely! Apartments available are just no longer exciting and enjoyable. New faces would be best option.
  9. Vicky

    Leora & Malia Show

    That work well for you?
  10. Not very pleasant at all. Like someone's first time and no clue what they are doing.
  11. Don't say that. You will give them ideas. Hope her tongue skills are better then her fingering.
  12. Closer to the camera might be better 😁
  13. Hi Ashley. Fine thanks, yourself? Yes definitely something worth trying and ticking off the list. 😀
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