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  1. Not good for me and been like that for hours. Time to do someting more enjoyable.
  2. Deserves to be given the opportunity just like anyone else.
  3. Interaction between couples can be just as enjoyable as the sex and masturbating. seeing them workout, having fun together and even disagreements. Just want sex and masturbation, can see better on sites like Chaturbate. JMO
  4. Vicky

    New Couples

    RealLifeCam very boring and doing nothing to improve.
  5. Elli is the best in that apartment and just a shame about the rest. Would like to see her get her own, but know it won't happen.
  6. Streaming just as bad now. Taking ages to load and even when it does fuzzy picture.
  7. Nice genuine fun couple. No need for them to put on sex shows like many others do. JMO
  8. Nice girl but no variation masturbating. Good to spice things up, especially knowing you are being watched. People get bored easily. JMO
  9. Lazy but what a beautiful looking dick
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