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  1. I’m not sure what the expectation was that night other than it failed in a major way. The guy who ended up getting drunk and staying with Malia that night was definitely not attracted to her based upon his body language and tried his best to get as physically close to Leora as he could to no avail. Probably because she knew she was leaving for the night and secondly because she isn’t attracted to him other than friends. I guess we’ll have to see what happens as this week progresses which may help us all to fill in the blanks and uncover a lot of unanswered questions.
  2. I haven’t seen anything that substantiates your claims about Leora being upset because see was beaten up. Over the past week the only thing I’ve observed every time she’s come home, after staying out all night, is giggling and laughing as she recapping her night out to Malia as she gobbles down food at their kitchen table. The bruises on her knees have been present a few days after she indicated to Malia with laughter that she tripped and fell while walking at night with someone. If you have information that can confirm what you stated we would gladly welcome it.
  3. Perhaps when Leora gets over her state of gloom we’ll be able to gain a better understanding of what happened. Women will most likely comfort one another in a situation where one of them has been mistreated or hurt. I don’t see that much empathy coming from Malia which tells me she feels that Leora must have deserved whatever situation transpired. As I watched Leora’s self pity upon herself throughout the day I can’t help but remember the wise words of my Grandmother, “What goes around comes around”. 👵 😉
  4. You’re assuming the phone call came from the same time zone she is currently living in Prague. Does anybody know where RLC corporate business office is located? Because if the phone call was coming from New York or California in the U.S. or somewhere in Russia, like Moscow, there can be a 6-9 hour time difference so it is very possible.
  5. Did you hear Leora that her new boyfriend objected to appearing on cam and broke it off with her? When did that revelation present itself?
  6. I agree. Leora looks like a pouting child who has been scolded and sent to their room for punishment. RLC cam has been her primary source of income over the past 6 + years and she needs them more than they need her. I believe she received communication from them indicating what you stated above, along with letting her know she is being placed on probation for being MIA over the past week. It most likely was a result of multiple complaints from subscribers cancelling or threatening to cancel their paid membership due her behavior in not meeting the terms of their business agreement. Malia looks quite content and is happy that Leora’s inconsiderate behavior has finally been addressed and is actually home at night for the first time in over a week.
  7. Maybe she received a communication from RLC about the complaints they’ve been receiving in regards to being away from her apartment consistently over the last week and subscribers asking to cancel their membership. 🤔
  8. That’s true, I do agree that she isn’t going anywhere...especially if anywhere is referring to her apartment.
  9. Fine, If that’s what happens, however RLC then needs to remove Leora’s name as a ‘tenant’ and ‘roommate’ so only Malia’s name is listed. Plus, it’s only fair to have Malia move to the master bedroom, and ask Leora move to the guest room since she is now only the apartment to store her clothes and to sleep for 6-7 hours/day. If Leora’s disappearing act is the new norm then RLC needs to ask her to leave so Malia can be receive 100% of the $ compensation.
  10. Thanks Aussie. I may not be on here as often since I cancelled my subscription, however I will continue to your forum to see if anything has changed. p.s. I am glad to hear you are back in good health and continue your therapy at home. 🙂
  11. I agree Malia has done her best to cover for her selfish friend, who’s ditched her almost ever night in the past week, so there is actually a live body with a pulse in front of the cam. As long as dissatisfied subscribers continue to stick around and keep watching Malia (alone) nothing will change and Leora will continue to receive 50% of her RCL compensation while her roommate does all the heavy lifting. Rather than continue to feel upset I am cancelling my subscription along with a detailed email to the RLC Administration letting them know why I am leaving and will recommend other members do the same who are no longer satisfied with the (lack of) activity in Leora and Malia’s apartment. I really have a warm spot for Malia but as long as we continue our subscription we are enabling Leora’s con activities to continue. I look forward to continuing to check in here to see what’s happening. Best wishes, NewYorkJoe
  12. Malia is now her Eve...an object to entertain you when it’s convenient. Just like a dog she’s a loyal companion that never complains, and has basic needs...food, shelter, love and attention. The only difference is Malia doesn’t receive the love and attention that a dog would. Someone who’s owns a dog will at least take them outside for a walk several times a day for exercise, fresh air and to have a bowel movement. If Leora had the slightest bit of decency she would at least invite Malia to join her if she really is just meeting up with friends and socializing.
  13. Well, it’s mature of you to admit you have a need for admiration, disregard for others’ feelings, have an inability to handle any criticism. How admirable of you to give your close friend and option to leave one toxic relationship into another toxic relationship. It’s quite noticeable that Malia is a sweet, down to earth young woman who doesn’t complain or want to make waves and because of her quiet nature ended up in a toxic relationship with her boyfriend. This is the same reason why Leora has Malia as a friend. She knows that Malia is a nice person who has a hard time saying “No” and is very easy to take advantage of and manipulate. The fact that Malia left a toxic relationship is even more of a reason for Leora to treat her better and not use her like so many others have in her past.
  14. I miss Artie on the Howard Stern Show. I remember when he came along to the show with Norm Macdonald when he was a guest and Howard took a liking to him.
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