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  1. It's a fucked up gig where she actually gets paid more to tease than to have sex. Easy money VHTV style! It's all a hustle for your view, I mean money. Voyeurs are easy targets. I just wonder why they don't fuck with the cam johns more than they do already. If I were a girl on VHTV, I'd fuck with the audience hard and laugh my ass off cashing the checks. 🤑😁
  2. I don't think blue balls is real. I mean in the since that it's painful or agonizing. I have gotten the point of cumming and been denied and I wouldn't say that felt anything other maybe some dissatisfaction. I think guys fake this pretend agony much like they do sometimes whenever the get hit in the balls. Yes, it can hurt to get hit in the balls, but most of the time it's really painless and guys just make it to look painful in order to look manly in front of others.
  3. I hope Melissa finds a good man and the better life she deserves and never comes back on VHTV ever again. There is always hope!
  4. ...pics posted here are often quite deceiving. What would appear to be a something interesting and sexy, turns out to be lacking any real passion and is just simply another round of cam slamming for money. The claims of amazement by VHTV Twitter, for example, falls flat with the view of the gif and the truth of the blunted facial expressions are revealed...
  5. Seems to be soon we will be somewhat back to normal. I was traveling last week and the airports were packed and so were my flights. I think the mask thing is going to stick around for a long time to come though. Take care!
  6. Doing well nack! I do miss having to re-write the word nack only for auto-correct to change it to back so I have to fix it back into nack again. 😁 No vaccine for me yet. I will wait till my ability to function at work is jeopardized. Perhaps they are unfounded but I have concerns about putting something in my body to tell my dna to make something that it wouldn’t have natural created. I worry about the possibility of an auto-immune response perhaps in the future. Besides that, I think I can survive COVID-19. I’m still traveling and so far no problems. Hope all is well with you. For
  7. I’m doing pretty well actually. Thanks for asking. Of course, there is no door in this place. I’ve calmed down quite a bit. Yeah, I guess I still harbor I’ll feelings over what happened and what it did to me, but I don’t worry too much about it anymore. The damage is done and it is what it is. I do wish there were more varieties of opinions here and I do think the clubs ruined this forums beyond measure. But, oh well! There’s nothing I can do about it and I don’t really care to try. If someone turned the cc light off, I’d be fine. I do still read this forum occasionally, mostly just long enou
  8. ...and of course, the real question becomes, are these people worth your time and energy? How does knowing the ins and outs of any of these tenants really enhance your life in a meaningful way. Surely there has to be more to it then just watching sex. For the people who regularly post here it’s somewhat an understandable to reason to follow. It is a setting for those who work the hardest to claim a social life and standing among others. This is compelling to be sure. But, in the end does anyone here really care about anyone else here? I’m sure that for the most part that answer is no. One must
  9. In time, this kind of cam site voyeurism ruins the mystique of sexuality, which eventually takes its toll on the viewer own sex life. Sex becomes a task for the workers. There is very little if any real passion on these sites anymore. The life of real couples were dismissed and made untenable. The greed of VHTV to beat RLC transformed them and the entire voyeurism business into all day sex studios. For the most part, seedy managers are casting desperate people to perform all day to survive. It’s not a life, it’s a living! I venture to guess that almost none of the people who comment here get o
  10. Funny how that works huh? When Amy3 did it, she must die. 🔪💔 Power has its privileges. Indeed!
  11. A special tribute for a special person. They can't see you, but I can. Wait and see. 😁 div widget
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