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  1. you'd be surprised. not everyones a champ. just takes a little skill
  2. how embarrassing for this dude. seems to be a little floppy haha
  3. 3 under the blanket in living room. lets hope they hang around a bit and not run to the bedroom
  4. maybe thats what they want, is to get a rise out of people. because no matter what they do or dont do, you all keep watching anyways. awesome strategy if you think about it
  5. there they go to the bedroom and now us freeloaders have to hope for a video in the next few days lol
  6. i seen that lmao, we definetly need a gif made of the fall. glad she walked away from that one
  7. you can hear people talking and i swore i heard a moan or a slight giggle. the imagination is starting to run wild for this lonely freeloader haha
  8. anything happening in the bedroom? us humble freeloaders are dying to know
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