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  1. I didn't see any abuse, you just see a girl who likes submission, and there was no violence, no brutality. I think the girl is too skinny, but all tastes are in the nature.
  2. Today, for the whole world, the USA is no longer feared, no longer loved, no longer hated. For the first time in their history, the USA inspire pity. Happy National Day
  3. why did they go into the archive, what happened?
  4. As French, I am neither for one nor for the other party, moreover, for French that I am, the two US political parties are identical. But of all the presidents of the United States that this great country has had, I thought that the worst was with Bush Jr. But then .... Trump is one of the craziest leaders the earth has had. And for a great democracy, freedom of the press and the right to the press is the most important thing.
  5. in January, very much the one who would have predicted a pandemic. But when Trump said he preferred the economy to the health of his people, he murdered him. Didn't he say that with the first heat of April, the pandemic would disappear?
  6. China hid the gravity of this pandemic, which surprised countries like Italy. France realized that this coronavirus was much more serious than virologists thought and made containment decisions fairly quickly. Spain has been hit very hard because European soccer did not stop But the USA ?? Trump has had plenty of time to react to protect his people. He banned flights from Europe, and authorized those from the United Kingdom. He denied the severity of the virus despite the alerts of specialists, but voila, he preferred his re-election to the health of his people
  7. they have stock in masks, with what they stole from the Italians
  8. In France, the decision to order confinement was given when the 100 dead mark was reached. It is especially in the East of the country that there were the most victims, the contagion moving towards the West. And so the effects of confinement will be seen in the West of France in 10 days. In the USA, a great deal of time has been lost due to Trump's indecision. If you are a Republican, you will not agree with me. But when you reach the figure of over 10,000 dead, maybe these people will open their eyes to Trump's incapacity
  9. The US is only affected by the epidemic. In a retirement home, you just had a dozen dead in a day. You have millions of people who do not have health coverage. Trump is way behind schedule to deal with this health crisis, and you're going to pay for it in 2 weeks
  10. Since in the USA there is a glaring lack of testing for the coronavirus, the figures will always be lower than the reality. And it is without counting on illegal immigrants or those who will not have the means to have this treated.
  11. Good news for the planet, Trump had dinner with the president of Brazil who is carrying the coronavirus, with a little luck, Trump will catch him, and with his state of health, he may be out
  12. Hadn't Trump announced that by April 1 the virus will be gone? Hopefully for the USA, because with their health system, it will be a real slaughter.
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