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  1. It depends on your point of view, but it's female and it's the girlfriend/boyfriend.
  2. I'm commenting on the customer-supplier relationship. Although politically incorrect, I have never seen vhtv as a voyeur site but as a site with porno content, and when I pay I have the notion that this is what I'm buying. In realms where it's just amateur and immature kids, I'm waiting for everything and for me the actions are more excusable. In this realm and in some others, where residents are professional actors, I expect a more professional customer-supplier relationship. And although the content is not what I normally look for, it seems to me normally a content is more careful. In other words: The content is poor but made with quality. Mandy and Rocco's apartment being always more of the same, it doesn't appeal to me in the least.
  3. Even if I don't watch this realm much, changing a cam (Bathroom) always bothers me. I always get the feeling of lack of respect for us. Even when it was intentional as it seems to have been, not restoring after "n" hours seems abusive.
  4. Sex without penetration, she cut his leaks when he was getting ready for. I think it was just show.
  5. Are you sure? Watch Sex Guests bathroom sex,May 26 | Naked people with Mira & Henry in Bathroom | The biggest Voyeur Videos gallery VOYEUR-HOUSE.TV Watch moment Guests bathroom sex,May 26 in category Sex on realm Mira & Henry camera Bathroom at Voyeur House HD videos -...
  6. It was not with the tattooed, I think it was the first meeting with the last guy who was with her. And it was not simulated, there was even penetration from the side, they were covered up but the essential was being seen. However I remember that I saw it in the timeline because I don't have the patience for snails.
  7. Some time ago, after n hours of massages and tease the guy before leaving was entitled to 5 minutes of sex, half under the blanket. It's not in the files so I can't say when it was.
  8. I also have this feeling, but taking into account the time they are in the project, the wear and tear it causes and comparing them with the remaining 40, I continue to give them a highly positive note. In addition, I may be mistaken, but I feel some respect for us.
  9. He spoke very early. This time there is a new face, I don't remember seeing the blonde before. Forgive me if I'm wrong.
  10. I think the mother told him that in order not to get pregnant, cock nor look at it.
  11. If they are illegal things, of course I don’t want to participate in it, but if they cannot hide it is a way to dissuade them from doing illegal things, I think it is a positive thing. Rude but positive.
  12. I give you complete reason. I just saw things from the perspective of my country belonging to the European Union. Labor laws would never allow people to be forced into this situation. There are minimal supports for the person to survive. But I am not naive enough to generalize, when it involves drugs or prostitution, the problem is universal, in some places more visible than in others.
  13. Assuming that residents and guests are there by choice and willingly and know the rules of the game, just as we pay ourselves as an option and willingly, I see no reason to invoke human rights in this situation. I don't see why there are areas not covered by the cams, except the toilets for the sake of being very personal and intimate.
  14. Elon visit. I hope that Elon went to give a training on how the sex life should be in the house so as not to become boring.
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