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  1. I also have this feeling, but taking into account the time they are in the project, the wear and tear it causes and comparing them with the remaining 40, I continue to give them a highly positive note. In addition, I may be mistaken, but I feel some respect for us.
  2. He spoke very early. This time there is a new face, I don't remember seeing the blonde before. Forgive me if I'm wrong.
  3. I think the mother told him that in order not to get pregnant, cock nor look at it.
  4. If they are illegal things, of course I don’t want to participate in it, but if they cannot hide it is a way to dissuade them from doing illegal things, I think it is a positive thing. Rude but positive.
  5. I give you complete reason. I just saw things from the perspective of my country belonging to the European Union. Labor laws would never allow people to be forced into this situation. There are minimal supports for the person to survive. But I am not naive enough to generalize, when it involves drugs or prostitution, the problem is universal, in some places more visible than in others.
  6. Assuming that residents and guests are there by choice and willingly and know the rules of the game, just as we pay ourselves as an option and willingly, I see no reason to invoke human rights in this situation. I don't see why there are areas not covered by the cams, except the toilets for the sake of being very personal and intimate.
  7. Elon visit. I hope that Elon went to give a training on how the sex life should be in the house so as not to become boring.
  8. Of course, you are absolutely right, but I think that things cannot be black and white, for the good of all, there should be an entity that is capable of solving the gray ones, so that there are no extremes. I will give two examples: 1) The violence applied in some "performances" of these two protagonists in sex, bothers me more than this incident. 2) Everyone knows that there is a drug in the dark areas of the bathrooms, no problem, but if you see yourself through the mirror a little clue we are all condemning.
  9. Let's be practical, zero tolerance for any incident does not solve the fundamental problems, it just burns the apartment. If tenants don't risk anything, they don't win but they don't lose either. We and VH-TV are the ones who lose. I am almost sure that VH-TV only closes the apartment because it is forced to react to the "cynical" defenders of the rules regardless of the degree of severity.
  10. I don't like being the devil's advocate, but what I saw seemed to me to be pushing each other. The pushing started from her. The floor was full of cuddly shoes and shoes, it is possible that with the push, he became unbalanced, causing the apparatus we saw, I did not see any cracking or punching, just both excited and arguing. I don't understand the language so I just infer what I saw. I'm not condoning it but it's both their fault. I am not a papologist of the idea that women are a helpless being, and treat them as such.
  11. I go more for the theory of Obelix, It fell in the cauldron of the magic portion "viagra" when I was little.
  12. Sabrina was the first, although it gave her a feeling of obligation. Sabrina & Scott, Stephie – Bedroom camera Voyeur House TV (cam17) VOYEUR-HOUSE.TV Watch Bedroom camera in private voyeur show of Sabrina & Scott, Stephie at Voyeur House TV
  13. Without any racist connotation, but due to their dimensions, it reminds me of the Tarzan family, Tarzan Jane and Chita.
  14. Maybe at that time the house will have something to see.
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