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  1. I may be completely mistaken, but it seems to me that Helena is trying to have a "normal" life versus actor. Looking at the past, there is nothing shy and even quite experienced. This is not compatible with a new relationship with feelings if it is intended to be stable and lasting. For us it is a drought, but I understand.
  2. Taking into account the two bottles dumped, and being the first time, I give the benefit of the doubt, and to think that they had no idea of the impact of their actions on their customers, we are the customers of VHTV so indirectly we are their customers. I wait for the next one to clean the image or send them to ....
  3. Are you sure you have seen the cam in the bedroom? For me, good sex apparently normal by a normal couple. But intense. Apparently it will be done for the cams. Toto & Bianca – Bedroom camera Voyeur House TV (cam17) VOYEUR-HOUSE.TV Watch Bedroom camera in private voyeur show of Toto & Bianca at Voyeur House TV
  4. There hasn't been anything on the twitter or here, but the guest couple has had some very interesting sessions.
  5. Early times in the old house Watch Orgy melissa sergio 1st party nov 10 | Naked people with Sergio & Melissa in Living room | The biggest Voyeur Videos gallery VOYEUR-HOUSE.TV Watch moment Melissa sergio 1st party nov 10 in category Orgy on realm Sergio & Melissa camera Living room at Voyeur House HD videos -...
  6. The relationship may even suck, but if sex is good they always come back. Even if it's just to have sex.
  7. Of course, but to be a gentleman and good education is universal.
  8. In Portugal for comments, derogatory in relation to feminine beauty, there is an expression that is used in these situations: "Please tell me where your dustbin is".
  9. He would stop to watch from time to time, but he would stand still if the twelve of tease were smaller and more action. In other words, soft No, porn with class Yes. If you follow your style for me it will be another success.
  10. If you do not want to be seen what are you doing in this apartment. The good census tells me that they should put the apartment offline.
  11. Sorry for being the devil's advocate, but "by the book" 7 minutes is the average for a normal sexual intercourse (Irving Wallace wrote a thriller on the subject). I emphasize the contradiction of who is complaining because they are the same people who complain that we are not on a real life site.
  12. We just have to wait until the cats start fucking the whole couch
  13. Will ask for a lot, a foursome with strap-on of flesh and bone.
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