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  1. ptreta

    Grace & Jacob

    A long time ago. https://voyeur-house.tv/moments/realm7/cam19/the-girls-play-nov-20
  2. ptreta

    Violet & Jeff Part #2

    You are wrong, the apartment is so large that between the kitchen and the living room it crosses two meridians.
  3. ptreta

    Viki & Kate Part #1

    From the little that I saw it seems to me that it continues to the contrary, viki is the male.
  4. A week later remains true, just a little more clogged, to maintain the tradition of this house.
  5. This was just to show that we can also be disgusting with who spits in our faces.
  6. The great secret not to show: Image deleted by me. Gary vs Jeka. Dad, can I play too?
  7. What Gary is thinking ... "They're seeing suckers, I've already deceived you once more. And you do not give up. Silly. "
  8. When I refer to disrespect I do not refer to this situation, (if they wanted to have my attention if not my contempt) but rather of the GAY simulation with the Gary.
  9. If the exit was forced and is related to the disrespect of Loe with the users, for me the VH scored points.
  10. The answer to the ticket, where I claim the disrespect of the residents for the users, that I put was: "Hello.Thank you for your email and interest in our project.Your feedback is much appreciated. We will do everything for our users to continue enjoying watching VHTV.Thank you for your time." As I also feel enjoyed, conclude that after all the mail is not in the residents but in the VH.
  11. "Doing nothing" is bad but to enjoy with those who pay is abuse. VH has to put an end to this. I do not pay to be enjoyed. Last 7 days and ended up with VH for me.
  12. You're quite right, it's been five minutes of good will.
  13. You are right, but we can all be deceived, and many Russian voyers come to visit because the conversation can be very erudite and makes the house very pleasant.
  14. Yesterday I was even able to agree, but today I'm not so sure. I think they've already made the same mistakes and are killing the golden egg hen. It even seems like RLC's strategy to kill the competition. The difference between VH, RLC versus normal porn clip is in the timing of the action the online event, the ending videos are ending the free advertisement because subscribers are just to feel online. The Sveta & Vlad technique that starts at free and goes to the bedroom guaranteedly produces more subscribers than seeing photos without context. I hope I'm making a constructive criticism.