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  1. call her Nathalie
  2. H2O2 is totally NOT suitable for healing the piercing! Btw, @Amy3 she is instructed, thank you
  3. thank you Amy ^_^
  4. @balt2103 thank you :)
  5. the gig was a little bit earlier, just before we had a guy with guitar staying for a night. 5 man band, actually :)
  6. others are just bringing another girl ;) we all have a secret mission tonight...
  7. don't wanna be impudent, but I also have a birthday in 2 weeks... ;))
  8. well, it was a new year gift sent from other city, if you're interested, I can ask
  9. Once again. She's Mika.
  10. I'd like to make these things clear. I'm Layne (like Layne Staley from Alice in Chains), and my fiancee's name is Mika (yep, japanese approach).
  11. Добро пожаловать в VHTV. Весело и роговой вечера в квартире. Я из Германии.

  12. Yep, so wait... let the date of announcement be a surprise
  13. Don't exaggerate :) I was in bad shape
  14. Replied. Sounds good :) We're in. P.S. We're loud