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  1. Yep, so wait... let the date of announcement be a surprise
  2. Don't exaggerate :) I was in bad shape
  3. Replied. Sounds good :) We're in. P.S. We're loud
  4. Год назад вроде что-то другое было. Ослеп, видимо, сутками перед монитором сидячи =))
  5. are you in Saint-P right now? :) I was thinking you are from Siberia or something
  6. Whoa. Since RLC are not responding for about 3 weeks, I'm filling the form.
  7. we met earlier. but at party she thought that i'm already in a relationship with another girl. she had some boyfriends before me. she didn't tried all that stuff before like anal or bdsm, but she wanted to, and she likes it, really.
  8. hi it was not anal the girl was pleasured we do have safe word bye
  9. yeah, that's me, you were not mistaken

    1. Qwerty57


      good to see you back. What about your idea of having an appart with a cam? still want it?

    2. guitargst


      yep. RLC are not responding since they have reviewed our resume, so as a fallback I applied for VHTV.

    3. Qwerty57


      yeah!!! That's great :)

  10. P. S. if you have any videos with me, pls send to my email [email protected]

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. guitargst


      definitely. that's why I love mirrors too.

    3. Qwerty57


      haha well unfortunatly I have never seen any videos with you :/

    4. ceilinna


      it's available on the net


  11. Hey.
    Since I joined CC, some of you asked me if I have any social profiles that you could follow. Yes, I do, but due to some restrictions and privacy issues I tend not to open them for everybody.
    But I have a fake VK account which contains absolutely no details about my or everyone else's personal data, so it's secure enough. You can find a link in my profile. "Send me a postcard, drop me a line".
    From now, I'm leaving CC. Sayonara.


    1. Qwerty57
    2. KrispyKritter


       Where are you going? Why are you going? How are you going to get there? When are you going to get there.....Who else knows where you are going.....?

  12. And again. Torture and mutilation. Nice. Dude, I really want you to understand: that wasn't torture, because it was my will. Due to wiki, "Mutilation or maiming is an act of physical injury that degrades the appearance or function of any living body." My body is functioning well. And that was for cosmetic reasons. So I can't call it "degradation". Would you be protesting if I'd do some piercing or a tattoo? No, really?! I heard that one of RLC tenants is a beginner tattoo artist, and I'm pretty sure that he or she will do it in the apartment. Let me tell the story. Bob Dylan is a great musician. But he falled into some religious fanaticism and recorded a song called "Gotta Serve Somebody". Then John Lennon as a reply wrote "Serve yourself". You can lurk for the whole story if you want. I, being totally antireligious, really liked the words, "serve yourself", it sounds... egoistic, protesting, whatever - it suits me. Doing a tattoo with a label - nah, been there, done that. Scarification - that was my choice. Not to harm myself. It's an art. Not a torture. Not a mutilation. Remember it, please, once and forever. And, could you show me the law that prohibits such broadcasting? In the UK, of course.
  13. Well, it seems that you know what I want better than me? :) I've already brought a circular saw, it's in the closet. but don't worry, I'll take it back in a month without a dismemberment of anybody, I promise maybe you're right, but I'd better not talk for everybody. how do you know? for conclusion, I'd like to quote Mr. Qwerty57:
  14. whoa. calm down man. that's my idea, my friend and my body. I wasn't forced or asked to do this. and at least 50% of guests, especially those who've been invited by me, were notified about this. if some of subscribers were shocked by this content... well, I'm sorry (it was not for YOUR eyes, %username%, and nothing featuring me really was. it was for me, Johnny Depp and Catgirl. and you are voyeur). but, c'mon, if I don't like something, I don't watch this specific something, and you had at least 7 extra cameras. also, some of you could've read my "blog" there. did I said that I don't like body modifications? nope. I posted a girl with horns, tattoos and a lot of extremal piercing, who's also a fan of suspension. what have you been expecting of me? :) so. call us "les 3 malades mentaux". i'll agree, for myself. but my friends are not. they just love me. and they did what I wanted them to do. you wanted Real Life? you got it. THAT was real. THAT was emotions, feelings and actions. THAT was me feeling myself alive and comfortable. don't call it "torture", because it wasn't.
  15. ok guys. I wanna share something.